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1 parent 1daab3c commit 3852ce23f68bb04cb89c43f5dddb71c2db639f28 @rgommers rgommers committed May 20, 2012
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@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ def instancemethod(func, obj, cls):
docdict_discrete['logpmf'] = _doc_logpmf
docdict_discrete['expect'] = _doc_expect_discrete
_doc_disc_methods = ['rvs', 'pmf', 'logpmf', 'cdf', 'logcdf', 'sf', 'logsf',
- 'ppf', 'isf', 'stats', 'entropy', 'fit', 'expect', 'median',
+ 'ppf', 'isf', 'stats', 'entropy', 'expect', 'median',
'mean', 'var', 'std', 'interval']
for obj in _doc_disc_methods:
docdict_discrete[obj] = docdict_discrete[obj].replace(', scale=1', '')
@@ -5579,9 +5579,6 @@ class rv_discrete(rv_generic):
generic.entropy(<shape(s)>, loc=0)
entropy of the RV
-, <shape(s)>, loc=0)
- Parameter estimates for generic data
generic.expect(func=None, args=(), loc=0, lb=None, ub=None, conditional=False)
Expected value of a function with respect to the distribution.
Additional kwd arguments passed to integrate.quad

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