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scipy/stats/ fix spelling, and replace a print with a raise

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1 parent de83562 commit 655fd297ddd99d3e39ab6cf3f310bf0308f363b9 cookedm committed Nov 4, 2007
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7 scipy/stats/
@@ -1754,7 +1754,7 @@ def kstest(rvs, cdf, args=(), N=20):
arguments. rvs needs to accept the size= keyword if a function. rvs
can also be a vector of RVs.
- cdf can be a function or a string indicating the distriubtion type.
+ cdf can be a function or a string indicating the distribution type.
if the p-value is greater than the significance level (say 5%), then we
cannot reject the hypothesis that the data come from the given
@@ -2031,8 +2031,7 @@ def glm(data, para):
Returns: statistic, p-value ???
if len(para) != len(data):
- print "data and para must be same length in aglm"
- return
+ raise ValueError("data and para must be same length in aglm")
n = len(para)
p = _support.unique(para)
x = zeros((n,len(p))) # design matrix
@@ -2051,6 +2050,8 @@ def glm(data, para):
t = dot(c,b) / np.sqrt(s_sq*fact)
probs = betai(0.5*df,0.5,float(df)/(df+t*t))
return t, probs
+ else:
+ raise ValueError("only ttest_ind implemented")
def f_value_wilks_lambda(ER, EF, dfnum, dfden, a, b):

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