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@@ -197,6 +197,9 @@ Using ```` is the recommended approach to running tests.
There are also a number of alternatives to it, for example in-place
build or installing to a virtualenv. See the FAQ below for details.
+Some of the tests in Scipy are very slow and need to be separately
+enabled. See the FAQ below for details.
SciPy structure
@@ -391,6 +394,22 @@ course use your favourite alternative debugger; run it on the
``python`` binary with arguments `` -g --python``.
+*How do I enable additional tests in Scipy?*
+Some of the tests in Scipy's test suite are very slow and not enabled
+by default. You can run the full suite via::
+ $ python -g -m full
+This invokes the test suite ``import scipy; scipy.test("full")``,
+enabling also slow tests.
+There is an additional level of very slow tests (several minutes),
+which are disabled also in this case. They can be enabled by setting
+the environment variable ``SCIPY_XSLOW=1`` before running the test
.. _scikit-learn:
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