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@@ -26,10 +26,11 @@ be an existing project that can use the code. Some scikits (`scikit-learn`_,
narrower focus and because of that more domain-specific code than SciPy.
Now if you have code that you would like to see included in SciPy, how do you
-go about it? The first step is to discuss on the scipy-dev mailing list. All
-new features, as well as changes to existing code, are discussed and decided on
-there. You can, and probably should, already start this discussion before your
-code is finished.
+go about it? After checking that your code can be distributed in SciPy under a
+compatible license (see FAQ for details), the first step is to discuss on the
+scipy-dev mailing list. All new features, as well as changes to existing code,
+are discussed and decided on there. You can, and probably should, already
+start this discussion before your code is finished.
Assuming the outcome of the discussion on the mailing list is positive and you
have a function or piece of code that does what you need it to do, what next?
@@ -172,6 +173,7 @@ Checklist before submitting a PR
Please note that this is perfectly normal and desirable - the aim is to
give every single contributor credit, and if you don't add yourself it's
simply extra work for the reviewer (or worse, the reviewer may forget).
+ - Did you check that the code can be distributed under a BSD license?
Useful SciPy documents
@@ -187,6 +189,17 @@ Useful SciPy documents
+*I based my code on existing Matlab/R/... code I found online, is this OK?*
+It depends. SciPy is distributed under a BSD license, so if the code that you
+based your code on is also BSD licensed or has a BSD-compatible license (MIT,
+Apache, ...) then it's OK. Code which is GPL-licensed, has no clear license,
+requires citation or is free for academic use only can't be included in SciPy.
+Therefore if you copied existing code with succh a license or made a direct
+translation to Python of it, your code can't be included. See also `license
*Can I use a programming language other than Python to speed up my code?*
Yes. The languages used in SciPy are Python, Cython, C, C++ and Fortran. All
@@ -210,7 +223,6 @@ larger than sending a PR on Github, so please don't do this anymore. Use Trac
for bug reports, Github for patches.
.. _scikit-learn:
.. _scikits-image:
@@ -246,3 +258,5 @@ for bug reports, Github for patches.
.. _documentation wiki:
.. _SciPy Central:
+.. _license compatibility:

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