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+Author: Enthought, Inc
+ Austin, TX
+Interpolate is a central package in SciPy, an open-source software package for scientific computing in Python which is maintained by Enthought, Inc. Interpolate provides functionality for a variety of interpolation techniques, particularly those based on splines.
+A large portion of scipy.interpolate is Python wrappers around the functionality of FITPACK, a Fortran package produced by Pleasant Valley Software for working with curves and surfaces. Scipy.interpolate provides the following wrappers around FITPACK functions:
+ splrep -- find smoothing spline given (x,y) points on curve.
+ splprep -- find smoothing spline given parametrically defined curve.
+ splev -- evaluate the spline or its derivatives.
+ splint -- compute definite integral of a spline.
+ sproot -- find the roots of a cubic spline.
+ spalde -- compute all derivatives of a spline at given points.
+ bisplrep -- find bivariate smoothing spline representation.
+ bisplev -- evaluate bivariate smoothing spline.
+Other available functions include
+ UnivariateSpline -- A more recent, object-oriented wrapper;
+ finds a (possibly smoothed) interpolating
+ spline.
+ InterpolatedUnivariateSpline -- Identical to InivariateSpline, but with
+ less error checking
+ LSQUnivariateSpline -- Appears to be identical to UnivariateSplin
+ with more error checking. Uses weighted
+ least squares fitting
+ BivariateSpline -- A more recent, object-oriented wrapper;
+ finds a interpolating spline for a
+ bivariate function.
+ SmoothBivariateSpline -- Smooth bivariate spline approximation
+A number of other functions and classes are provided, for which README documentation is forthcoming.
+Introductions to interpolation and splines can be found online at:
+ The Wikipedia article on interpolation. Provides an accesible
+ overview of major areas of the subject, including spline
+ interpolation.
+ The Wikipedia article on spline interpolation. It is accessible
+ as a conceptual introduction, and contains links to various
+ algorithms, but discussion is limited to 1D interpolation.

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