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Commits on Sep 16, 2011
  1. @rgommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.0b2

    rgommers authored
  2. @WarrenWeckesser @rgommers
  3. @WarrenWeckesser @rgommers

    TST: signal: PEP8 tweaks.

    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  4. @pv @rgommers

    BUG: py3tool: specify encoding in custom_mangling

    pv authored rgommers committed
  5. @cgohlke @rgommers
  6. @rgommers
  7. @rgommers
  8. @scottza @rgommers
  9. @cgohlke @rgommers
  10. @rgommers
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
  1. @rgommers
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
  1. @rgommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.0b1

    rgommers authored
  2. @rgommers
  3. @rgommers
  4. @rgommers
  5. @pv

    ENH: special: Merge expit/logit implementation

    pv authored
    Merge branch 'chrisjordansquire/logit'
  6. @pv
  7. @pv
  8. @pv
  9. @chrisjordansquire @pv

    Added npy_log, npy_exp

    chrisjordansquire authored pv committed
  10. @chrisjordansquire @pv

    ENH: Templating magic

    chrisjordansquire authored pv committed
  11. @chrisjordansquire @pv

    ENH: Py3k compliant

    chrisjordansquire authored pv committed
  12. @chrisjordansquire @pv

    ENH: special: logit and expit ufuncs for scipy.stats

    chrisjordansquire authored pv committed
  13. @pv

    ENH: special: merge ellipk & agm accuracy improvements

    pv authored
    Merge branch 'tecki/elliptic-k-minus1'
  14. @pv

    TST: special: update ellipk test

    pv authored
  15. @pv
  16. @pv
  17. @pv

    Add tecki to THANKS.txt

    pv authored
  18. @tecki @pv

    corrected spelling mistake in docs

    tecki authored pv committed
    Thanks to Collin Stocks
  19. @tecki @pv

    add tests for ellipkm1

    tecki authored pv committed
    The new test values for ellipkm1 are calculated using
    mathematica, using the equality
    sqrt(m) K(1 - m) = K(1 - 1 / m)
    I used a different naming convention from the boost data,
    in order to show publicly that this data has nothing to do
    with it.
  20. @tecki @pv

    improved precision of special.agm

    tecki authored pv committed
    The function special.agm suffered from the lack of precision
    in ellipk. By replacing it with ellipkm1, precision could
    be retained.
    y = agm(1, x)
    x        y before  y after
    0.1      0.425     0.425
    1e-10    0.064	   0.064
    1e-16    0.040     0.041
    1e-17    4.4e-309  0.039
    1e-20    4.4e-309  0.033
  21. @tecki @pv

    Add a more precise version of special.ellipk

    tecki authored pv committed
    The complete elliptic integral of the first kind K,
    implemented as special.ellipk, diverges around 1.
    This has the unfortunate disadvantage that rounding
    errors in its parameters have tremendous, unwanted
    effects, as 1-1e-17 is rounded to 1 (float64),
    and thus ellipk reports infinte at this point.
    This is why the underlying cephes library defines
    a different funktion, K'(m) := K(1 - m). No
    rounding problems here, because the divergence has
    moved to zero, and significantly smaller numbers
    > 0 can be represented with float64.
    Unfortunately, scipy re-wrote the cephes library
    to undo just this, killing the precision actually
    supplied by cephes. This patch undoes that, but
    renames the function from ellipk to ellipkm1
    (defined as ellipkm1(m) == ellipk(1 - m)) for
    backward compatibility, and adds a new python
    function ellipk which works as the original function.
  22. @rgommers
  23. @rgommers
  24. @pv
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