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Feb 19, 2012

  1. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.1rc2.

    rgommers authored
  2. Scott Sinclair

    BLD: Fix Bento build of source distribution

    * Several files required to build Scipy using Bento are not included
      in source distributions created using `python sdist`.
    scottza authored rgommers committed

Feb 18, 2012

  1. Ralf Gommers

    BUG: misc: fix possible issue when PIL is not installed.

    See PR-164.  This is a partial backport of 4f29f4f.
    rgommers authored
  2. Ralf Gommers

    BUG: Fix Python 3 test failures.

    Some of these are due to deprecated test functions self.assertEquals,
    self.assert_, and some are due to the reinterpretion of '/'. Probably all
    test modules should have
    from __future__ import division
    at the top.
    Backported from a8a8ed0.
    rgommers authored
  3. Pauli Virtanen

    TST: sparse/umfpack: run tests despite the deprecationwarning

    Backported from d2096e2.
    pv authored rgommers committed
  4. Pauli Virtanen

    BUG: sparse/umfpack: free data in UmfpackContext.__del__ (#1597)

    Backported from 9f90914.
    pv authored rgommers committed
  5. cgohlke

    BLD: fix MSVC9 compile error with numpy master.

    Backport of e0b7cf8.
    cgohlke authored rgommers committed
  6. Pauli Virtanen

    TST: sparse/arpack: give up checking test results when single-precisi…

    …on iterative inverses are used
    pv authored rgommers committed
  7. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.1rc2-dev.

    rgommers authored

Feb 10, 2012

  1. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version number to 0.10.1rc1.

    rgommers authored

Feb 05, 2012

  1. Ralf Gommers

    REL: list fixed issues for 0.10.1 in release notes.

    rgommers authored
  2. Ralf Gommers

    MAINT: arpack: disable single-precision eigs/eigsh routines on all pl…

    Failures, hangs and crashes have been reported on both 64-bit OS X and multiple
    Linux systems.  Until the cause of this is found, these routines should remain
    rgommers authored
  3. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: stats: zscore and zmap did not handle the axis keyword correctly…

    … (ticket 1575)
    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  4. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: stats: fisher_exact() returned an incorrect result for alternati…

    …ve='greater' when the upper-left entry of the contingency table was 0 (ticket #1568)
    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  5. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: cluster: 'linkage' C function in hierarchy.c did not check the r…

    value of malloc, which could lead to seg faults. This commit is a rebased
    version of #110
    Closes ticket #1562.
    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  6. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: ndimage: measurements._stats didn't handle n-d arrays. Closes #1565

    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  7. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: linalg: fixed mistake in eig_banded and eigvals_banded docstring…

    …s (ticket #1560).  Made some additional docstring changes to be more consistent with variable names.
    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  8. Charles Harris

    BUG: Some macros require trailing semicolons for Numpy 1.7.

    In Numpy 1.7 some macros have had their trailing semicolons removed
    in the include file, hence require them in the source.
    charris authored rgommers committed
  9. Chad Baker

    BUG: optimize: make curve_fit work with method as callable. Closes #1531

    calbaker authored rgommers committed
  10. Warren Weckesser

    BUG: io: add work-around in for the bug in numpy that is th…

    …e cause of the problem reported in ticket #1202
    WarrenWeckesser authored rgommers committed
  11. Josef Perktold

    ENH: stats.distributions: propagate nans, changes thanks to Per Brodt…

    Closes #835.
    josef-pkt authored rgommers committed
  12. Ralf Gommers

    REL: add release notes in preparation of 0.10.1 release.

    rgommers authored

Nov 13, 2011

  1. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.0

    rgommers authored
  2. Ralf Gommers

    TST: sparse: mark dok matrix tests as knownfail with python 2.4 for 0…

    ….10.x. See #1559.
    rgommers authored
  3. Pauli Virtanen

    BUG: linalg: fix schur sort python 2.4 compatibility issue

    pv authored rgommers committed
  4. Ralf Gommers

    DOC: remove note in release notes about 0.10.0 not being released yet.

    rgommers authored

Nov 07, 2011

  1. Ralf Gommers

    BUG: fix python 2.5-ism in signaltools.

    rgommers authored

Nov 05, 2011

  1. Ralf Gommers

    TST: bump test tolerance on fitpack test.

    The point of the test was whether resize was working at all; test was new
    and therefore tolerance wasn't tested on many platforms / python versions
    rgommers authored
  2. Ralf Gommers

    BUG: fix python2.5 syntax error and test warning.

    rgommers authored
  3. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.0rc2-dev

    rgommers authored

Nov 03, 2011

  1. Ralf Gommers

    REL: set version to 0.10.0rc1.

    rgommers authored
  2. Josef Perktold

    BUG: ticket:1530 cauchy fit, cheap fix for starting values

    josef-pkt authored rgommers committed
  3. Johann Cohen-Tanugi

    BUG: optimize: add a NaN check in scalar_search_wolfe1 to prevent inf…

    …inite loop
    johannct authored rgommers committed

Nov 02, 2011

  1. Ralf Gommers

    GEN: regenerate all C files from Cython with Cython 0.15 plus one bug…

    … fix.
    The bug fix is to make the Intel C compiler work on Windows.
    This is Cython commit 0443ad3d55, which is as yet unreleased.
    rgommers authored
  2. Matthew Brett

    BUG: use newer cinit syntax for cython 0.15

    Was raising an error when cythonizing with cython 0.15.  Tested as still
    working on cython 0.13 with this change.
    (backported from 949e5a6)
    matthew-brett authored rgommers committed
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