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Valgrind warnings (@4475) (Trac #691) #1218

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Original ticket on 2008-06-24 by @cournape, assigned to @cournape.

Attached is a run of the whole testsuite with valgrind


Attachment added by @cournape on 2008-06-24: yop.log.gz


@cournape wrote on 2008-11-10

Those are mostly ODR and cephes stuff. Will look at it for >= 0.8


Milestone changed to 0.8 by @cournape on 2008-11-10


Milestone changed to Unscheduled by @rgommers on 2011-06-13

SciPy member
pv commented

The ODR issues were fixed in ab7a1f1
I don't get any other Valgrind issues, so closing.

@pv pv closed this
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