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scipy.signal.lfilter memory leak when size of signal is similar to size of filter (Trac #1190) #1717

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Original ticket on 2010-06-02 by trac user hogu, assigned to unknown.

import numpy as np
import scipy.signal

temp = np.random.random(200)
for c in range(200000):
    print c
    temp2 = scipy.signal.lfilter(np.ones(180), [1], temp)

this causes my process memory to grow

I am on ubuntu lucid lynx with libatlas3gf-sse2 if that is relevant


@jpaalasm wrote on 2010-10-19

Try if upgrading to scipy 0.7.1 or 0.8 would solve the problem.

A memory leak in lfilter was fixed in 0.7.1 (#911) and that might apply to this problem, too.


@rgommers wrote on 2010-10-19

Memory doesn't grow for me with 0.8.0

@bfroehle bfroehle referenced this issue from a commit in bfroehle/scipy
@jseabold jseabold TST: fix linalg.qz test to avoid seg fault on Windows. Closes #1717.
(backported from baa8f73)

Somehow had a comment on this in my inbox that isn't here anymore. Anyway, tried again to reproduce - no luck on Ubuntu or OS X. Reference are wrong, this has nothing to do with linalg.qz. Closing.

@rgommers rgommers closed this
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