Precision of scipy.ndimage.gaussian_filter*() limited (Trac #1660) #2185

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Original ticket on 2012-05-15 by trac user roderikk, assigned to unknown.

Today I noticed that in the source of scipy.ndimage.gaussian_filter1d it says:

# make the length of the filter equal to 4 times the standard
# deviations:
lw = int(4.0 * sd + 0.5)

For my application this is absolutely not enough precision. With a simple modification to both gaussian_filter1d and gaussian_filter we can add a parameter to define the length of the filter. I have attached a patch that does not change the current functionality but does allow users to change the filter length.

Attachment added by trac user roderikk on 2012-05-15:

@thouis wrote on 2012-06-05

I modified your patch somewhat and submitted a PR: #239

pv commented Sep 9, 2013

Merged in gh-2767

@pv pv closed this Sep 9, 2013
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