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Some interpolate __init__ methods do not appear in documentation (Trac #1833) #2352

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Original ticket on 2013-01-31 by trac user capnrefsmmat, assigned to @pv.

For instance, for the Krogh interpolator:

There is a well-documented __init__ method in the source:

However, the __init__ method does not appear in the Sphinx documentation. Similarly, the PiecewisePolynomial documentation does not include any information at all on how to initialize the object, because the __init__ docstring does not appear.

This also appears to be the case for the BarycentricInterpolator. Many others include the __init__ documentation in the class's docstring, which fixes the issue.

I can submit a patch moving the __init__ information to the class docstring if I get time.


@rgommers wrote on 2013-02-02

A patch moving content from the __init__ to the class docstring sounds good.


trac user capnrefsmmat wrote on 2013-02-02

I've submitted the patch as a pull request:



@rgommers wrote on 2013-02-14

PR was merged.


Milestone changed to 0.12.0 by @rgommers on 2013-02-14

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