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nct.cdf becomes 1.0 for nc >= 65536 #3209

pv opened this Issue Jan 13, 2014 · 1 comment

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pv commented Jan 13, 2014

From stackoverflow:

I encounter a problem using the nct.cdf function in scipy.stats!

nct.cdf is the t-Student cumulative distribution function, with shape parameters df (degrees of freedom), nc (non central parameter).

Curiously enough, this function works well for nc<= 65535

YET FOR nc>=65536

You will notice that for any x, and for any nc>=65536:
nct.cdf(x,df,nc)=1.0 which is completely absurd!

For instance:

from scipy.stats import nct
nct.cdf(45,9,65536) # gives 1.0 ????? (It should normally be close to 0)



I've fixed it when working on a related issue (#2667). A PR will be made soon.

@pv pv closed this in #3222 Feb 24, 2014
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