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DOC: Remove mention of global imports in main package docstring. #209

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Should be mentioned on the mailing list before merging, just in case someone really cares about these few functions.


I must admit, I didn't track how these functions got "lost". So, they were available once, but then removed between 0.x and 0.10 somewhere, without updating the docstring? If someone cares about the functions, can they still access them?


Yes, in their respective modules. That has been the recommended way to import/access them for a very long time.


No response on the list for 4 days, so time to merge this.

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[*] - using a package requires explicit import
-Global symbols from subpackages
- misc --> info, factorial, factorial2, factorialk,
- comb, who, lena, central_diff_weights,
- derivative, pade, source
- fftpack --> fft, fftn, fft2, ifft, ifft2, ifftn,
- fftshift, ifftshift, fftfreq
- stats --> find_repeats
- linalg.dsolve.umfpack --> UmfpackContext
Utility tools
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