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Bug in #232

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Marc Honnorat Pauli Virtanen Ralf Gommers
Marc Honnorat


There is a bug in when calling sync() or flush(). When writing to disk, the whole Netcdf structure is written, but the file is not rewound. Therefore, the second call to _write() (which can happen when closing the file) just append a second version of the structure after the first one.

This patch just adds a seek(0) before any writing operation.

Pauli Virtanen
pv commented

Can you add a regression test --- i.e., write a small test program that fails previously, but works after this bugfix?

Marc Honnorat
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import as cdf

f = cdf.netcdf_file('', mode='w')
x = f.createDimension('x',4)
v = f.createVariable('v', 'i2', ['x'])

v[:] = 1
print "First read  : %d" % os.path.getsize('')

v[:] = 2
print "Second read : %d" % os.path.getsize('')

print "Last read   : %d" % os.path.getsize('')

Before the fix:

First read  : 80
Second read : 168
Last read   : 264

After the fix:

First read  : 80
Second read : 88
Last read   : 88
Ralf Gommers

I converted the above to a regression test. It actually didn't work with numpy 1.7.0-dev (because of, so I fixed the dtype parameter handling as well. Please check if that looks OK: rgommers@76a983e

Ralf Gommers

I merged this PR and my fix/tests in 7ac86ab, in order to get it in for 0.11.

Ralf Gommers

Thanks for your contribution Marc.

Ralf Gommers rgommers closed this
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Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. Marc Honnorat
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  1. +1 −0  scipy/io/
1  scipy/io/
@@ -305,6 +305,7 @@ def flush(self):
sync = flush
def _write(self):
self.fp.write(array(self.version_byte, '>b').tostring())
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