Fix or silence a number of failures reported against 0.11.0rc1 #286

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rgommers added some commits Aug 10, 2012
@rgommers rgommers TST: increase test tolerances for 2 scipy.special tests.
Reported by Yaroslav Halchenko to fail for 0.11.0rc1 on Debian, s390x
architecture, as well as by Derek Homeier for 0.8.0rc3 on PPC OS X.
@rgommers rgommers TST: mark ndimage test as knownfail on all platforms except OS X.
This test has been reported to fail for a couple of releases on Windows at
least, and now also on Debian (s390x architecture).
@rgommers rgommers TST: fix linalg.norm test failure. Thanks to Rudiger Kessel.
The intended output was obviously 0.5 (where numpy.linalg.norm gives 0.0); this
seems to be the case on most but not all systems.  The reason is that snrm
seems to internally use double precision for most BLAS versions, but not all.

Note that test_overflow() for this implementation of norm() passes on all
systems, so even where test_stable() fails the performance of norm() looks
better than for numpy.linalg.norm().
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If someone can review this today that would be helpful. I really want to get 0.11.0rc2 out this weekend.

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pv commented Aug 10, 2012

Looks good to me.

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Thanks. I'll merge this then.

@rgommers rgommers closed this Aug 10, 2012
@rgommers rgommers reopened this Aug 10, 2012
@rgommers rgommers merged commit 39b4776 into scipy:master Aug 10, 2012
@jtravs jtravs added a commit to jtravs/scipy that referenced this pull request Nov 11, 2012
@jtravs jtravs BUG: use fitpack's regrid if possible, fixes #286
Also fixes parts of #1364 (strange warnings not transpose).
Also fixes parts of #1072 (strange behaviour, not lack of
bounds check)
@pv pv added a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 22, 2012
@jtravs jtravs ENH: interpolate: use fitpack's regrid if possible, fixes #286
Also works around knot selection warnings as seen in #1364 & #1072
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