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Welcome to Sciris





What is Sciris?

Sciris is a library of tools that can help make writing scientific Python code easier and more pleasant. Built on top of NumPy and Matplotlib, Sciris provides functions covering a wide range of common math, file I/O, and plotting operations. This means you can get more done with less code, and spend less time looking things up on Stack Overflow. It was originally written to help epidemiologists and neuroscientists focus on doing science, rather than on writing code, but Sciris is applicable across scientific domains (and some nonscientific ones too).

For more information, see the full documentation, the paper, or GitHub.

If you have questions, feature suggestions, or would like some help getting started, please reach out to us at or open an issue.


Using pip: pip install sciris

Using conda: conda install -c conda-forge sciris

Requires Python >= 3.7.


Sciris comes with an automated test suite covering all functions. You almost certainly don't need to run these, but if you want to, go to the tests folder and run pytest. See the readme in that folder for more information.