Generator for creating collection wrappers using go generate.
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Note: I threw this together very quickly to solve a simple problem, so its design/interfaces are hardly thought out. But it should provide a good example for how to generate collection wrappers that work with go mobile until there is support for that.

This is a quick utility I adapted from another git project by Brett Slatkin see article here:

The reason for this is that go mobile doesn't currently support slices. So a current work around is to wrap a go slice with another type and expose methods that operate on that slice. So a wrapper may have methods like push, pop, insert, count, etc for modifying or reading from the array.


What this repo does is build a command line utility that can then be automatically called using go generate semantics.

  • Find the file you that contains the struct definition you want to have a collection wrapper for.
  • At the top of the file add the following: //go:generate go-mobile-collection $GOFILE
  • Before the struct, add a comment to flag it:
// @collection-wrapper
type Example struct {
 ExampleField string
  • When you build your project a new file should now be generated called ($GOFILE)_collection.go that contains the automatically generated definitions.