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Docker for YunoHost

Warning: This YunoHost app is still in development. Use it at your own risk!


What is Docker?

  • Docker is a program that "virtualize" applications so that they can be run separately
  • Docker allows easy deployment of a wide range of web applications that might not be yet implemented in YunoHost: See

Why would you want to use Docker in YunoHost?

  • Because your favorite app is not yet implemented in YunoHost or would be too difficult to implement
  • Because you like to keep your apps separated to avoid breaking your YunoHost install

Why would you NOT want to use Docker in YunoHost?

This YunoHost application installs Docker and allows to create a custom container

  • The image can be pulled from the official registry:
  • Any options can be passed to the container (eg ports, volumes...)
  • The container is manageable through the YunoHost Services page (tested with Debian Jessie & Yunohost 2.2) or with "sudo service container-name start/stop/status"
  • The container can be mounted with a dedicated volume from the host
  • This app is multi instances, meaning that you can create as many containers as you want
  • It is however recommended to install the DockerUI package for a finer management of containers and images:
  • Adventurous users could try to install the experimental app Shipyard for an even more advanced management of containers:

Experimental feature:

  • Create a YunoHost app from the container

To be done:

  • Backup and restore containers

Do not hesitate to contribute!


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