HTPC-Manager package for Yunohost (install from fork)
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##HTPC-Manager for YunoHost Manage your HTPC from anywhere, all with one application.

Using the Hellowlol sources as of 21/03/2016

How to setup:

  • Open up HTPC Manager and go to Settings
  • DO NOT CHANGE anything in the "general" tab
  • Transmission
    • IP / Host:
    • Port: 9091
    • Rpc url: /torrent/transmission
    • Username: transmission
  • Couchpotato: To be done
  • Sick Beard: To be done
  • Sickrage: To be done
  • Kodi: To be done

More information about:


Thanks Snipees for the hard work!

My fork is removing the remote instance (because my redirect app already does that) and replaces install from fork with install from source.