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Scitokens Server Docker Image

This repository contains a Docker image to install the SciTokens Java Server and Client and run them from an Apache Tomcat server with basic authentication.

The image is configured with a set of --build-args to docker build. The SciTokens server is always installed and the SciTokens client can be optionally installed as well.


The Dockerfile expects that an X509 host certificate and key pair exists in this directory with the names hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem. Obtain these files and add them to this directory before building the Docker image. The .gitignore file will prevent these files being added to the repository.

Building the Docker image

The build arguments for the Docker images are:

Argument Meaning Default
TOMCAT_ADMIN_USERNAME Username for the Tomcat Admin account admin
TOMCAT_ADMIN_PASSWORD Password for the Tomcat Admin account password
TOMCAT_ADMIN_IP Regular expression for access to the Tomcat manager
SCITOKENS_SERVER_ADDRESS The address and port used by Tomcat
INSTALL_SCITOKENS_CLIENT If true also install the SciTokens client false

Using an appropriate set of build arguments,

docker build \
  --build-arg TOMCAT_ADMIN_USERNAME=admin \
  --build-arg TOMCAT_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password \
  --build-arg TOMCAT_ADMIN_IP= \
  --rm -t scitokens/c7-token-server .

To also install the client, add --build-arg INSTALL_SCITOKENS_CLIENT=true

Starting the Docker Image

Edit the file docker-compose.yml and change the default hostname and domainname (currently localhost.localdomain) to appropriate values for the machine that you are using, then start the docker container with

docker-compose up --detach

Registering a client

If your SCITOKENS_SERVER_ADDRESS is then the SciTokens server will be available to register clients at

Go to the appropriate URL and register a client. An example for registering the Java client is shown below.

Scitokens Server Client Registration

Approving a client

Once a client has been registered, it needs to be approved. This can be done by running

docker exec -it docker-scitokens-java_scitokens-tomcat_1 /opt/scitokens-server/bin/scitokens-cli

which launches the command line interface. Documentation for the CLI is available in the OA4MP CLI documentation.

First issue the use clients command, followed by ls to list available clients. Clients that are not approved are flagged with (N) in the second column. To approve a client you need the client_id_string which is in the third column (before the client name).

Next run approve /client_id_string (note the / at the start of the client_id_string which is not printed by ls). Provide an approver name (which is a free-form string), set the client to approved, and save.

An example session is shown below.

* OA4MP2 OAuth 2/OIDC CLI (Command Line Interpreter)        *
* Version 4.2-SNAPSHOT                                      *
* By Jeff Gaynor  NCSA                                      *
*  (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)        *
*                                                           *
* type 'help' for a list of commands                        *
*      'exit' or 'quit' to end this session.                *
OAuth 2 for MyProxy, version 4.2-SNAPSHOT startup on Wed Sep 25 18:11:48 UTC 2019
Store contains 1 entries.
cli>use clients
Store contains 1 entries.
  clients >ls
  0. (N) myproxy:oa4mp,2012:/client_id/193465d162e66dbfd8fffd79fb903e9e (sugwg-scitokens-cond...) created on 2019-09-25T18:09:01.393Z
  clients >approve /myproxy:oa4mp,2012:/client_id/193465d162e66dbfd8fffd79fb903e9e
    set approved?[n]:y
    save this approval record [y/n]?y
    approval saved
  clients >exit
exiting ...
exiting ...

Configuring the Java Client

If you installed the SciTokens Java client, then it will be available at Register the client with the server using the callback URL

Then edit the client's configuration start a login shell on the Docker container with

docker exec -it docker-scitokens-java_scitokens-tomcat_1 /bin/bash -l

Using vi, edit the file /opt/scitokens-client/config/client-config.xml and set the CLIENT_IDENTIFIER and CLIENT_SECRET to the values returned when you registered the client with the server.

Once this has file has been edited, you need to restart tomcat with

systemctl restart tomcat

and then the client can be used to obtain a token from the server.


Docker files to set up the scitokens-java server and client






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