Matlab 3D coordinate conversions for geospace ecef enu eci
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Matlab / GNU Octave coordinate conversions for geospace ecef enu eci. Similar to Python PyMap3D.


Simply use addpath to this directory to use from your program for free, instead of paying $1000 for Matlab Mapping Toolbox.


then use like:

[x,y,z] = geodetic2ecef([],lat,lon,alt)

[az,el,range] = geodetic2aer(lat, lon, alt, observer_lat, observer_lon, observer_alt)

Optionally, verify functionality:

cd tests


Popular mapping & aerospace toolbox functions ported to Matlab include the following, where the source coordinate system (before the "2") is converted to the desired coordinate system:

aer2ecef  aer2enu  aer2geodetic  aer2ned
ecef2aer  ecef2enu  ecef2enuv  ecef2geodetic  ecef2ned  ecef2nedv
enu2aer  enu2ecef   enu2geodetic
geodetic2aer  geodetic2ecef  geodetic2enu  geodetic2ned
ned2aer  ned2ecef   ned2geodetic



  • Atmospheric effects neglected in all functions not invoking AstroPy. Would need to update code to add these input parameters (just start a GitHub Issue to request).
  • Planetary perturbations and nutation etc. not fully considered.

Mathworks currently charges $1000 for the Matlab Mapping Toolbox that provides these functions.

  • The full set of Python conversions are accessed from Matlab ≥ R2014b by commands like:
    lla = py.pymap3d.geodetic2ecef(x,y,z)