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Plot GNUCAP/NGSPICE sim data with Matlab/GNU Octave
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Python - SPICE interface and plotting

GNUcap / NGspice voltage multiplier sim.

Used for my Ph.D. qualifying exam, and a follow-on to my harmonic radar tag improvements.

NOTE: Consider using PySpice instead of this approach.


apt install gnucap ngspice


Simulate no-driver LED problems due to wire voltage drop, using and StringIO to avoid output file mess.


Other programs

These programs run from GNU Octave or Matlab.

  • runDub.m run and plot basic voltage doubler current input and voltage output vs. time
  • runDubTry.m plot spectrum
  • runDubMult.m multi-stage voltage multiplier: voltage, current, impedance
  • runMos.m using MOS simulation
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