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standalone Python script to install SpacePy CDF library prerequisites.
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SpacePy install script

SpacePy install procedure notes that several prereqs are required to get SpacePy installed. Note that if you just need CDF read/write capability, consider CDFlib, which is a pure Python CDF library.


downloads, compiles and installs NASA CDF library on Linux using:

  • Python ≥ 3.6
  • C compiler
  • Fortran complier (for FFnet)
  • GNU Make

and then installs SpacePy and verifies SpacePy can read a CDF file.


Unfortunately, the Makefiles for CDF are out of date and no longer work on current MacOS versions at least through CDF 3.7. We suggest using CDFlib in general for Python CDF read/write instead of SpacePy.

This shows the benefits of using a modern build system such as Meson instead of hand-crafted Makefiles.

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