A Python task manager / micro-notepad
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A nice little command-line interface for organizing tasks and small notes.

(this entire README is currently out of date; I'll update it shortly!)


Modification commands

Add a new task (equivalent to ./trk.py add "task"):

./trk.py "task"

Add multiple new tasks:

./trk.py add|a "task1" "task2"

Edit a task (locate by task ID):

./trk.py edit|ed|e "taskid"

Edit a task (locate by task content):

./trk.py editsearch|edits|esearch|ese|es "search"

Complete/delete a task (locate by task ID):

./trk.py x|finish|complete|hide "taskid"

Complete/delete a task (locate by task body):

./trk.py xs|xse|xsearch "search"

View / search commands

List tasks (equivalent to ./trk.py all):


List all tasks:

./trk.py all|list|ls

List grouped and sorted by +tags:

./trk.py plus|+

List grouped and sorted by @tags:

./trk.py at|@

List grouped and sorted by #tags:

./trk.py hash|#

Search tasks:

./trk.py search|find|se|fi|s|f "search term"

Search tasks with a regular expression:

./trk.py regex|re "pattern"

Search tasks with an exclusive regular expression (ie every task that doesn't match the pattern):

./trk.py xregex|xre "pattern"

List tasks with a +tag (equivalent to ./trk.py search "+tag"):

./trk.py +tag

List tasks with an @tag (equivalent to ./trk.py search "@tag"):

./trk.py @tag

List tasks with an #tag (equivalent to ./trk.py search "#tag"):

./trk.py #tag

List tasks given a priority (equivalent to ./trk.py search "(1)"):

./trk.py 1


trk can read its configuration from a file or from command line flags. When writing in a file, put each declaration on its own line and separate the variable from its value with an equals sign. When setting at the command line, each variable's name can be used as a long flag (eg --config=~/.not-the-default-trkrc). Here is a list of available options:

config = ~/.trkrc
the default configuration file

file = .todo
the file used to store all your tasks

id_size = 4
the string length for each task's unique identifier

hi_style = xterm
the type of highlighting format trk should use. xterm and conky will print appropriate color escape codes, while any other value with turn off highlighting

hi_id = 7
the palette color for highlighting task identifiers

hi_plus = 11
...task +tags

hi_at = 10
...task @tags

hi_hash = 10
...task #tags

hi_priority = 9
...task priorities

hi_due = 14
...task due dates

hi_due_soon = 10
...tasks due dates that are due "soon" (see the soon setting)

hi_overdue = 9
...tasks due dates that are overdue

soon = 86400
the number of the seconds before a task is due to start marking it as "soon". Tasks that are due within the next soon seconds will have their due dates highlighted with the hi_due_soon color

priority_char = !
the character used to represent priority

editor = vim
the text editor used to edit tasks

show_count = True
show the number of tasks at the end of each output or not

Basic system

Basic task storage/layout (this needs to be rewritten):

  • stored as a plaintext file
  • one task per line
  • priority is formatted like this: (3) (higher number is higher priority)
  • due dates are formatted like this: [10/31], [10/31/2012], etc.
  • due dates with a time are formatted like this: [11/22@10am], [10/25@8:30pm], [10/31 8pm], etc.
  • projects are formatted like this: +project
  • subprojects are formatted like this: +project+subproject
  • contexts are formatted like this: @context
  • subcontexts are formatted like this: @context@subcontext
  • finished tasks deleted immediately
  • ideally it should only be one priority / date / time per task, but we'll see if I do anything to enforce that
  • no limit to number of projects / contexts a task can have

To Do (irony)

  • Some sort of syncing system
  • Perhaps an Android client as well
  • Some sort of Unix-style piping


(2) [10/22] +cs220+lab2 submit @desktop
(2) [10/15] +cs220+lab2+checkpoint submit @desktop
(2) [10/14] +cs220+lab2+problem1 solve @desktop
(2) [10/13] +cs220+lab2+problem2 solve @desktop
(2) +work finish work for guy @desktop
(1) [10/31] +halloween+costume make
(1) [10/31] +halloween+costume buy materials @shopping
call Mom @phone