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Command line tool for

Right now only one task exists: It deletes all custom objects (entities) from your org. This is useful if you are using your org as a database and are using the VMforce JPA provider to auto-create entities.

Note that currently doesn't allow you to completely erase entities via the API. So this script will put them in the recycle bin. If you run the script on every build, you will eventually build up quite a recycle bin, so it's recommended that you only run it when you need to.

How to use

Clone this project:

git clone

Compile the project:

$ cd cliforce
$ mvn package

This tool uses a URL type format for connecting to, similar to JDBC drivers. The URL format looks like this


Hostname can be one of the login servers (e.g. for sandbox). You can set this URL in 3 different ways:

  • In the FORCE_URL environment variable
  • In the force.url Java system property
  • Stored in the file ~/.force_url (where ~ means your home directory)

Each take precedence in the order listed here, e.g. if FORCE_URL is specified, everything else is ignored. So you can execute the dbclean task on a sandbox org with user and password tiger by doing the following:

$ export FORCE_URL=force://;;password=tiger
$ java -jar target/forcecli-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

You will be taken to the force prompt.


Hit the tab key to see available commands or type help to see the description of the behavior of each command.

If you wish to clean out your org, type dbclean at the prompt.

force> dbclean

Which will produce something like this:

Connected to org 00Dx00000000XXXXXX
Preparing to delete Producer__c
Preparing to delete Wine__c
Operation succeeded.