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Flange: Scala client For Doozer

Build and test

sbt test

Basic Usage (explicit types for clarity)

sbt console

import com.force.doozer.flange.Flange
import com.force.doozer.flange.{GetResponse,SetResponse,ErrorResponse,WatchNotification,WatchResponse}

val client = new Flange("doozer:?ca=localhost:8046&ca=localhost:8047&ca=localhost:8048")

//Set returns an Left(ErrorResponse(_,_)) if there is a failure
val set:Either[ErrorResponse,SetResponse] = client.set("/foo", "bar".getBytes(), 0L)

//Set succeeds or throws an exception
val set2:SetResponse = client.set_!("/foofoo", "bar".getBytes(), 0L)

//Get returns an Left(ErrorResponse(_,_)) if there is a failure
val get:Either[ErrorResponse,GetResponse] = client.get("/foo")
//Get succeeds or exception is thrown
val get2:GetResponse = client.get_!("/foofoo")
//Watch succeeds or exception is thrown
val watch:WatchResponse = client.watch_!("/foofoo", get2.cas){
    notification:WatchNotification => System.out.println("/foofoo changed to "+new String(notification.value))
client.set_!("/foofoo", "newbar".getBytes(), get2.cas)
//Should print notification of change


The Flange client will by default will failover to each of the doozer servers specified in the doozerURI when an operation fails. The failing operation is transparently retried. Once all of the doozer servers have failed the client is dead.

This behavior is pluggable. You simply need to supply a function of List[String] => Iterable[String] when constructing a Flange instance that will be passed the list of doozerd hosts parsed from the doozer URI.

The Flange companion object defines 2 of these functions, eachDoozerOnceStrategy and retryForeverStrategy. The default is eachDoozerOnceStrategy

To use the retryForeverStrategy

import com.force.doozer.flange.Flange
import com.force.doozer.flange.Flange._

val doozerUri = ...
val flange = new Flange(doozerUri, retryForeverStrategy)

To use your own

import com.force.doozer.flange.Flange

val funk: List[String]=>Iterable[String] = {doozerds:List[String]=>...}
val doozerUri = ...
val flange = new Flange(doozerUri, funk)