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This programm was created by Hagen Fritsch and updates by Sylvain Clayer under licence GPL

This programm is designed to make changing keycodes for DVB-T Remotes easier.
Works by patching the appropriate kernel-modules.


Needs to be run as root for patching kernel-modules.

Program is designed for an azerty or qwerty keyboard


1. Download the files named « », « input_azerty.h » and « input_qwerty.h » in a same directory.

2. Launch a CLI (command line interface) and enter « $ gksudo python ».

3. You can choose the keyboard configuration in the menu "Keyboard" -> QWERTY or AZERTY, depend of your keyboard configuration 

4. Choose the DVB-T Remote you want by clicking on the buttons or in the menu « Load ».

5. Make the changes you want in the keycodes.

6. Click on « Save changes to kernel module ».

7. Close the program and write in a CLI to reload the kernel module:
    $ sudo rmmod name_of_the_kernel_module #(ex: dvb_usb_cinergyT2)
    $ sudo modprobe name_of_the_kernel_module #(ex: dvb_usb_cinergyT2)

Enjoy the remote...

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