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Matlab implementation (ver. 1.0) of the vessel correspondence optimization (VCO) algorithm described in:

Seung Yeon Shin, Soochahn Lee, Kyoung Jin Noh, Il Dong Yun, Kyoung Mu Lee:
Extraction of Coronary Vessels in Fluoroscopic X-Ray Sequences Using 
Vessel Correspondence Optimization. 
MICCAI (3) 2016: 308-316

Brief description of important files

  • SampleCodeForVCO.m: sample code demonstrating how to call the VesselCorrespondenceOptimization() function
  • VesselCorrespondenceOptimization.m: main file for the VCO algorithm
  • GlobalChaferMatching_run.m: global chamfer matching from centerlines of frame t to frame t+1
  • Point2PointMatching.m: to generate corresponding point candidates in frame t+1 for points from frame t
  • ComputeCosts2: compute MRF unary and pairwise energy costs
  • GrowVesselUsingFastMarching.m: post-processing for data such as angiograms where visible vessel regions may be growing

How to run:

  1. Extract files
  2. Download, copy, and where needed compile the following 3rd party code to the corresponding folders in the /third_party subfolder. (Make sure to add /third_party and all subfolders to Matlab path)
  3. Run SampleCodeForVCO to obtain VCO results for provided sample images. Modify corresponding file paths in SampleCodeForVCO.m to run VCO on different images.

Links for 3rd party code

If you have any questions or recommendation regarding this code, please contact:

More information about this project can be found at:

Seung Yeon Shin, Soochahn Lee, Kyoung Jin Noh

July 31, 2017


Matlab code (ver. 1.0) for the Vessel Correspondence Optimization method, presented at MICCAI 2016




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