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package agouti
import ""
// A MultiSelection is a Selection that may be indexed using the At() method.
// All Selection methods are available on a MultiSelection.
// A Selection returned by At() may still refer to multiple elements if any
// parent of the MultiSelection refers to multiple elements.
// Examples:
// selection.All("section").All("form").At(1).Submit()
// Submits the second form in each section.
// selection.All("div").Find("h1").Click()
// Clicks one h1 in each div, failing if any div does not contain exactly one h1.
type MultiSelection struct {
func newMultiSelection(session apiSession, selectors target.Selectors) *MultiSelection {
return &MultiSelection{*newSelection(session, selectors)}
// At finds an element at the provided index. It only applies to the immediate selection,
// meaning that the returned selection may still refer to multiple elements if any parent
// of the immediate selection is also a *MultiSelection.
func (s *MultiSelection) At(index int) *Selection {
return newSelection(s.session, s.selectors.At(index))
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