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Convert between YAML, TOML, JSON, and HCL.

Preserves map order.

Format versions:

  • YAML: v1.2 (
  • TOML: v1.0.0 (
  • JSON: RFC 7159 (encoding/json)
  • HCL: v1 (
$ yj -h
Usage: yj [-][ytjcrneikhv]

Convert between YAML, TOML, JSON, and HCL.
Preserves map order.

-x[x]  Convert using stdin. Valid options:
          -yj, -y = YAML to JSON (default)
          -yy     = YAML to YAML
          -yt     = YAML to TOML
          -yc     = YAML to HCL
          -tj, -t = TOML to JSON
          -ty     = TOML to YAML
          -tt     = TOML to TOML
          -tc     = TOML to HCL
          -jj     = JSON to JSON
          -jy, -r = JSON to YAML
          -jt     = JSON to TOML
          -jc     = JSON to HCL
          -cy     = HCL to YAML
          -ct     = HCL to TOML
          -cj, -c = HCL to JSON
          -cc     = HCL to HCL
-n     Do not covert inf, -inf, and NaN to/from strings (YAML or TOML only)
-e     Escape HTML (JSON out only)
-i     Indent output (JSON or TOML out only)
-k     Attempt to parse keys as objects or numeric types (YAML out only)
-h     Show this help message
-v     Show version



The yj CLI is available via Homebrew:

brew install yj


Binaries for macOS, Linux, and Windows are attached to each release.


yj is also available as a Docker image.

Go Package

Packages contained in this repo may also be used to convert all supported data formats to a normalized tree of ordered Go objects.

See godoc for details.

NOTE: The current Go API should not be considered stable.