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Software Collections Management Website


Enable yum repository from copr:

    sudo dnf copr enable jdornak/SoftwareCollections

Install package softwarecollections:

    sudo dnf install softwarecollections

Configuration (production instance)

Check the configuration in config files:

    sudo vim /etc/softwarecollections/localsettings
    sudo vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/softwarecollections.conf

Development instance

Follow the installation steps. You do not need package softwarecollections itself, but you need all it's requirements.

Clone the git repository:

    git clone
    cd softwarecollections

Clone the packaging-guide repository

    git clone

Import packaging-guide

    ./guide-build  packaging-guide
    ./guide-import packaging-guide

Create local configuration:

    cp softwarecollections/localsettings{-development,}.py

Create and set up the development environment:

    pipenv install --dev

Initialize development database:

    pipenv run ./ migrate

Run development server:

    pipenv run ./ runserver


No registration of user is required. You may simply login if You have FAS account.

If You want to access the admin site, first make Yourself a superuser:

    pipenv run ./ makesuperuser $USER

To update your code and database to the last available version run:

    git pull --rebase
    pipenv run ./ migrate

Running tests

Tests can be run either in the local development environment, or in pre-configured set of tests environments.

In order to run the tests in the development environment, execute:

    pipenv run pytest
    # or, equivalent
    pipenv run python test

In order to run the full test matrix, execute:


RPM build

To build RPM you need tito package. To release the RPM in Copr, you need copr-cli package.

    sudo dnf install tito copr-cli

To build RPM locally type:

    tito build --rpm        # builds RPM from the latest tagged release
    tito build --rpm --test # builds RPM from the latest commit

To build RPM in Copr type:

    tito release copr       # submits build from the latest tagged release
    tito release copr-test  # submits build from the latest commit

Data migration from one server to another one

  1. Dump all data on the old system:
    softwarecollections dumpdata > data.json
  1. Move data.json to the new system to location accessible by softwarecollections user.
    rsync old:data.json /var/scls/data.json
  1. Delete automaticaly generated tables and load all data from json file:
    echo "delete from auth_permission;" | softwarecollections dbshell
    echo "delete from django_content_type;" | softwarecollections dbshell
    softwarecollections loaddata /var/scls/data.json



If this is Your first time working with Django application, read through the Django Tutorial.

For the detailed information about all aspect of using Django see the Django Documentation.


Software Collections Management Website and Utils




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