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Software Collections Management Website


Enable yum repository from copr:

    sudo dnf copr enable jdornak/SoftwareCollections

Install package softwarecollections:

    sudo dnf install softwarecollections

Configuration (production instance)

Check the configuration in config files:

    sudo vim /etc/softwarecollections/localsettings
    sudo vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/softwarecollections.conf

Development instance

Follow the installation steps. You do not need package softwarecollections itself, but you need all it's requirements.

Clone the git repository:

    git clone
    cd softwarecollections

Clone the packaging-guide repository

    git clone

Import packaging-guide

    ./guide-build  packaging-guide
    ./guide-import packaging-guide

Create local configuration:

    cp softwarecollections/localsettings{-development,}.py

Create and set up the development environment:

    pipenv install --dev

Initialize development database:

    pipenv run ./ migrate

Run development server:

    pipenv run ./ runserver


No registration of user is required. You may simply login if You have FAS account.

If You want to access the admin site, first make Yourself a superuser:

    pipenv run ./ makesuperuser $USER

To update your code and database to the last available version run:

    git pull --rebase
    pipenv run ./ migrate

Running tests

Tests can be run either in the local development environment, or in pre-configured set of tests environments.

In order to run the tests in the development environment, execute:

    pipenv run pytest
    # or, equivalent
    pipenv run python test

In order to run the full test matrix, execute:


RPM build

To build RPM you need tito package. To release the RPM in Copr, you need copr-cli package.

    sudo dnf install tito copr-cli

To build RPM locally type:

    tito build --rpm        # builds RPM from the latest tagged release
    tito build --rpm --test # builds RPM from the latest commit

To build RPM in Copr type:

    tito release copr       # submits build from the latest tagged release
    tito release copr-test  # submits build from the latest commit

Data migration from one server to another one

  1. Dump all data on the old system:
    softwarecollections dumpdata > data.json
  1. Move data.json to the new system to location accessible by softwarecollections user.
    rsync old:data.json /var/scls/data.json
  1. Delete automaticaly generated tables and load all data from json file:
    echo "delete from auth_permission;" | softwarecollections dbshell
    echo "delete from django_content_type;" | softwarecollections dbshell
    softwarecollections loaddata /var/scls/data.json



If this is Your first time working with Django application, read through the Django Tutorial.

For the detailed information about all aspect of using Django see the Django Documentation.