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Added Documents and Flowcharts to the default design assets directori…

…es. This shifts the focus towards every project having a structured 'My Documents' folder.
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ndbroadbent committed Feb 4, 2012
1 parent 0f34d13 commit 91477073fe95bbc5bffad7f3d27f33880aeb01ab
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ export root_design_dir="$HOME/Dropbox/Design"
# Directory where symlinks are created within each project
export project_design_dir="design_assets"
# Directories for per-project design assets
-export design_base_dirs="Images Backgrounds Logos Icons Mockups Screenshots"
+export design_base_dirs="Documents Flowcharts Images Backgrounds Logos Icons Mockups Screenshots"
export design_av_dirs="Animations Videos Flash Music Samples"
# Directories for global design assets (not symlinked into projects)
export design_ext_dirs="Fonts IconSets"

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