ls hangs on OSX Lion #53

rodnaph opened this Issue Sep 4, 2012 · 5 comments


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rodnaph commented Sep 4, 2012

Hi - Just installed current HEAD and now my 'ls' command just hangs... I'm on Lion, using scm_breeze with oh-my-zsh in Not sure what other information to give as there are no errors, just hanging.


flipkick commented Sep 5, 2012

experiencing the same issue since today, i think it's the interaction with oh-my-zsh (which i updated yesterday).. once again...

Same here.


grundprinzip commented Sep 11, 2012

+1 Here, any ideas to debug this issue?


ndbroadbent commented Sep 11, 2012

Sorry guys, I'm not sure why this is hanging for you. I've remove ls from the list of default wrapped commands. Please find the line at the bottom of ~/.git.scmbrc and remove ls to solve the problem.

Sorry again!


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