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Wired electronic shifting for bicycle w/ improved shift logic
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#DIY Di2

This is my interpretation of electronic shifting for front and rear shifting of a bicycle. I'll be adding functionality in freetime. This repo will include my sketches for 3D-printed servo mounts for both the front and rear derailler. It will also include my code for the shifting logic.

For my microcontroller, I am using a 5V 16MHz Pro Trinket(Atmega328P chip).


  • Low cost compared to off-the-shelf electronic groupsets
  • Improved, simplified shifting logic to mechanical systems. Similar to SRAM ETap
  • Never have to replace cable as in mechanical systems


  • LCD display of current gear
  • Compute current gear ratio by hardcoding amount of gear teeth on each cog
  • Include an accelerometer to track speed
  • Autoshift, making a wise decision based on speed, to maintain an ideal cadence

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Simon Milburn 2015

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