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Install the following apps:

Development Lifecycle

  1. Install the library in your Postman in a new dedicated workspace.

  2. Develop new APIs directly in Postman.

  3. Export the entire Postman workspace using the export data feature.

  4. Use Postman Extractor to format the collection for easier versioning:

    $ pmx import -f Backup.postman_dump.json
  5. Remove unneeded files (the JSON dump file, other collections, other environments...)

  6. Check your files for hardcoded Ids or credentials

    /!\ Never commit credentials!

  7. Verify that the packaging is correct by exporting it to JSON:

    $ pmx export -o export.salesforce-postman.json

    and reimporting it in Postman. If everything goes well and the API you've developed are there and other APIs are not missing you're probably good.

Coding Conventions

Stage only what is relevant to what you've done

Branch Naming Conventions

Follow these naming conventions for branches:

  • new feature: feature/feature-name
  • fix: fix/fix-name

API Development

Follow these rules:

  • Only one folder per API, no sub folders
  • Use the API documentated names
  • Add description from the documentation into the Postman descriptions
  • Provide the description from the documentation for each GET parameters
  • API calls should work and be parametrized using environment variables
  • Optional: provide examples

PR Checks

For each Pull Request we'll check those items:

  • No conflict
  • No credentials in sources
  • Successful export of the Postman collection into JSON format
  • Successful import of the JSON file into Postman collection

PR Results

Upon merging a PR in master we'll create a new release. New release versions follow the semver convention.

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