A script to help make an MP3 CD from mixed media
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MP3 CD Maker.applescript
Multi MP3 CD Maker.applescript


	MP3 CD Maker
	This script was originally written by Ben Samuel on Mar 27, 2011.
	The contents of this repository, MP3-CD-Maker-for-iTunes, are released to the public domain.
	The terms iTunes, Genius, MP3, CD, AppleScript and others may be trademarks of their respective holders.

	So iTunes already has a function to create an MP3 CD.
	But, as you probably noticed, you have to convert all your songs to MP3.
	And you can't do it in place, you have to manually recreate the entire playlist.
	Okay, that gets tedious, especially since a CD will hold around 100 MP3s. 
	And now, after burning, I've got MP3 versions of my songs floating around my library.

	Solution 1: ditch iTunes for a good music app.
	Solution 2: this script.

	This script will:
	1. Step through any playlist, to include a Genius mix, or DJ shuffle.
	2. Skip over songs that are already MP3s.
	3. Clean up after itself as it goes.
	4. Automatically bail if there are 10 failures in a row. 
	5. Write a log to the desktop.
	6. Do a Pretty Good Job of figuring out what will fit on a CD.
		(Sorry, it doesn't attempt to calculate file system overhead.)
	7. Number as it goes.

	You need to:
	1. Set up a playlist.
	2. Start iTunes playing as though you were listening to the playlist.
	3. Hit pause.
	4. Run the script.
	5. It will prompt for a folder. Select an existing folder, or create a new one.
	6. Get a blank CD, and burn the contents of the folder.
	7. You're done!