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What is it
I'm using YAML in another project, and I originally thought I'd just
put some snippets together.
But I wound up doing a number of short tests to see what the basic
yaml module in Python thinks. As this is getting a bit long to be a
gist, I'm just putting it up in a repo.
Helpful tools
I'm using yaml_mode in emacs to edit; it's reasonably good, but
doesn't give you much help.
I've also done a few tests with Perl; if you have YAML::XS, try:
cat | perl -MYAML::XS -MData::Dumper \
-e 'print Dumper(Load(join("", <STDIN>)))'
Or install ysh from libyaml-shell-perl on debian derived systems.
Pull the Unicode linebreak tests out into a separate file so they
don't confuse every tool (which is almost all of them) that doesn't
grok Unicode linebreaks.
Put together an actual makefile to test that stuff works with
different combinations of language, test and whatever. After all,
someone must have done this, right?
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