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import yaml
import sys
loader_set = False
x = 1
print repr(sys.argv)
while x < len(sys.argv):
if sys.argv[x].startswith('-'):
arg = sys.argv[x]
if arg == '-l':
from yaml import Loader as Loader
elif arg == '-c':
from yaml import CLoader as Loader
elif arg == '-L':
from yaml import SafeLoader as Loader
elif arg == '-C':
from yaml import CSafeLoader as Loader
raise RuntimeError("Didn't recognize %r" % (arg,))
loader_set = True
x += 1
if not loader_set:
from yaml import Loader as Loader
files = sys.argv[x:]
if not files:
files = ['yaml_examples.yml']
# If you *don't* specify your loader in some places, you'll
# break. Always pass the Loader=Loader parameter, and set the
# yaml_loader=Loader class variable.
class GenericScalar(yaml.YAMLObject):
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value
def __repr__(self):
return "%s(%r)" % (type(self).__name__, self.value,)
def from_yaml(cls, loader, node):
return cls(loader.construct_scalar(node))
# A bunch of scalar based classes to get the examples in the spec loading correctly.
class Something(GenericScalar):
yaml_tag = u'!something'
class Local(GenericScalar):
yaml_tag = u'!local'
class Bar(GenericScalar):
yaml_tag = u'!bar'
class Huh(GenericScalar):
yaml_tag = u',2000:type'
class Stringy(GenericScalar):
yaml_tag = u'!str'
# Not sure the parser is getting this right. Should !!str, really pick up this tag?
yaml.add_constructor(u',2002:str,', lambda l, n: "")
def construct_mapping_kludge(loader, node):
""" This constructor painfully steps through the node and checks
that each key is hashable. Actually, what it does is checks
whether it knows how to *make* it hashable, and if so, does that.
If not it just lets it through and hopes for the best. But the
common problem cases are handled here. If you're constructing
objects directly from YAML, just make them immutable and hashable! """
def anything(node):
if isinstance(node, yaml.ScalarNode):
return loader.construct_scalar(node)
elif isinstance(node, yaml.SequenceNode):
return loader.construct_sequence(node)
elif isinstance(node, yaml.MappingNode):
return construct_mapping_kludge(loader, node)
def make_hashable(value):
""" Reconstructs a non-hashable value. """
if isinstance(value, list):
return tuple(map(make_hashable, value))
elif isinstance(value, set):
return frozenset(value)
elif isinstance(value, dict):
return frozenset((make_hashable(key), make_hashable(val))
for key, val in value.items())
return value
def new_items():
for k, v in node.value:
yield (make_hashable(anything(k)), anything(v))
return dict(new_items())
yaml.add_constructor(u',2002:map', construct_mapping_kludge, Loader=Loader)
class BunchOShapes(yaml.YAMLObject):
""" You can figure out the tag from the error message:
yaml.constructor.ConstructorError: could not determine a
constructor for the tag ',2002:shape'"""
yaml_tag = u',2002:shape'
def __init__(self, *shapes):
self.shapes = shapes
def __repr__(self):
return "BunchOShapes(%r)" % (self.shapes,)
def from_yaml(cls, loader, node):
return cls(*loader.construct_sequence(node))
class Circle(yaml.YAMLObject):
def __init__(self, center, radius): = center
self.radius = radius
def __repr__(self):
return "Circle(%r, %r)" % (, self.radius)
class Line(yaml.YAMLObject):
def __init__(self, start, finish):
self.start = start
self.finish = finish
def __repr__(self):
return "Line(%r, %r)" % (self.start, self.finish)
class Label(yaml.YAMLObject):
def __init__(self, start, color, text):
self.start = start
self.color = color
self.text = text
def __repr__(self):
return "Label(%r, %r, %r)" % (self.start, self.color, self.text)
class Invoice(yaml.YAMLObject):
def __init__(self, **args): = args
print repr(args)
def __repr__(self):
data = getattr(self, 'data', {})
return "Invoice(%s)" % (', '.join("%s=%r" % (k, v) for k, v in data.items()),)
def from_yaml(cls, loader, node):
""" I suspect the default won't work with invoices (it doesn't
call the __init__ method) because there are -'s in some of the
keys. """
value = loader.construct_mapping(node)
args = dict((k.replace('-', '_'), v) for k, v in value.items())
return cls(**args)
for name in files:
with open(name, "r") as yaml_fh:
print("=============== %s ================" % (name,))
for doc in yaml.load_all(yaml_fh, Loader=Loader):