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+What is it
I'm using YAML in another project, and I originally thought I'd just
put some snippets together.
But I wound up doing a number of short tests to see what the basic
yaml module in Python thinks. As this is getting a bit long to be a
gist, I'm just putting it up in a repo.
+Helpful tools
I'm using yaml_mode in emacs to edit; it's reasonably good, but
doesn't give you much help.
I've also done a few tests with Perl; if you have YAML::XS, try:
-cat | perl -MYAML::XS -MData::Dumper -e 'print Dumper(Load(join("", <STDIN>)))'
+ cat | perl -MYAML::XS -MData::Dumper \
+ -e 'print Dumper(Load(join("", <STDIN>)))'
Or install ysh from libyaml-shell-perl on debian derived systems.
+Pull the Unicode linebreak tests out into a separate file so they
+don't confuse every tool (which is almost all of them) that doesn't
+grok Unicode linebreaks.
+Put together an actual makefile to test that stuff works with
+different combinations of language, test and whatever. After all,
+someone must have done this, right?

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