A simple script to install mysql/maraidb databases
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A simple script to install mysql/mariadb databases.

The script create mysql/mariadb instances with the following characteristics:

  • the database instance runs in a dedicated directory to use a fiberchannel/san volume
  • the database instance with a dedicated user (group mysql, to allow usage of linux hugepages)
  • multiple database instances (with different releases) can be executed
  • the script creates pacemaketr configuration commands to add the instance to a pacemaker cluster
    • the fiberchannel/san volume needs to be only used for a single instance
    • the fiberchannel/san volume should be available at all systems
    • split brain problems have to be prevented by STONITH (i.e. using IPMI)

Please forgive the poor documentation, this is work in progress.

MariaDB Installation

This procedure describe the installation on RHEL 7.

  • TODO: Configure linux hugepages
  • TODO: Configure a dedicated mountpoint fpr the database
  • Disable SELinux
perl -pe -i '~s,^SELINUX=.*$,SELINUX=disabled,' /etc/sysconfig/selinux
cd /tmp
wget http://www.percona.com/redir/downloads/percona-toolkit/LATEST/RPM/percona-toolkit-2.2.8-1.noarch.rpm
yum install perl perl-DBI perl-DBD-MySQL perl-Time-HiRes perl-IO-Socket-SSL
rpm -Uvh percona-toolkit-*.noarch.rpm
  • Install the tooling
yum install git
mkdir /data/tools
cd /data/tools
# git clone git@github.com:breuninger-ecom/mysql_install.git
git clone https://github.com/breuninger-ecom/mysql_install.git
groupadd -g 27 mysql
mkdir -p /data/mariadb/
cd /data/tools/mysql_install
export PASSWD_MONITOR="myfunkypassword"
# Answer questions
  • Start instance and add it to system startup procedure
/etc/init.d/l_mam01 start
chkconfig l_mam01 on
  • Test the new instance
su - l_mam01
  • Create a cronjob (i.e. at the slave)
crontab -l
0 5,8,11,14,17,20 * * * /data/tools/mysql_install/backup-databases.sh /data/mariadb/l_mas01/backup/ 3

Manage databases

  • Define passwords
# User for regular application access, without ddl permissions
# User for privileged administration access, with ddl permissions
  • Get information about the dbcreator.sh Script
  • Manage datbases
  • Create two databases "foo1" and "foo2" and two users "fooapp_adm" and "fooapp_app" which can access the databases
/data/tools/mysql_install/dbcreator.sh -u fooapp -d foo1 -d foo2
  • Create a new datbases and resuse the users fooapp_adm and fooapp_app
/data/tools/mysql_install/dbcreator.sh -u fooapp -d foo3 -c db