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bash-completion (2.8)
[ Andrea Dari ]
* dpkg: Add -V/--verify arg completion
[ Ben Wiederhake ]
* Add support for .lz4 extension to file-roller (#158)
[ Eric A. Zarko ]
* unzip, zipinfo: Associate *.gar (#165)
[ Gabriel F. T. Gomes ]
* openssl: Add completion for the genpkey, pkey, pkeyparam, and
pkeyutl commands
[ Gonzalo Tornaría ]
* test: run bash with --norc to avoid system bashrc
[ Gábor Bernát ]
* tox: New completion (#163)
[ Halt ]
* mplayer: Disable user config when parsing options
[ Henry-Joseph Audéoud ]
* ebtables: new completion (#150)
[ Jakub Jelen ]
* ssh,ssh-add,ssh-keygen: Complete pkcs11 options with *.so
[ Kevin Pulo ]
* mkdir: Complete on files in addition to dirs
[ Luca Capello ]
* dpkg-query: Fix -W/--show completion
[ Mark Friedenbach ]
* Add support for .lzo extension (--lzop) to tar (#155)
[ Martin d'Anjou ]
* java: Complete *.war
[ Mateusz Piotrowski ]
* kldunload: Increase robustness of compgen filters (#185)
* kldunload: Show modules with digits
[ Michał Górny ]
* lftp: Support ~/.local/... bookmark location (#144)
* test suite: Support overriding default match buffer size (#141)
[ Pawel ]
* man: Don't use $MANPATH directly (#161)
[ Uwe Storbeck ]
* dpkg: Complete --vextract on deb files
* dpkg: Fix man page section in comment
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Use python3
* test: Fix getting username in non-login shells
* test/unit: Whitespace tweaks
* info, man, rsync: Defer _expand invocation
* _expand: Reuse __expand_tilde_by_ref and _tilde logic, clean up
* test: Add some _expand unit tests
* bzip2, gzip, and other compressors: Use _tilde instead of _expand
* test: Add assert_complete_homedir, use in dpkg and ls
* dd, find, gcc: Remove unnecessary tilde expansion
* dd: Omit space only when offering one completion ending with =
* __expand_tilde_by_ref: Eval tilde expansion only, simplify
* Bump copyright years to -2018
* mkdir: Complete files without appending space
* __load_completion: Load "xspec" completions dynamically too
* __load_completion: Code cleanup
* _avaiable_interfaces: Get rid of eval
* make: Pass script to sed as parameter instead of using process
* ccze: New completion
* *: Comma separated opt arg completion improvements
* test suite: Some more mplayer and mencoder coverage
* tox: Complete comma separated -e arguments
* xdg-mime,xdg-settings: Fix inclusion in tarball
* geoiplookup: New completion
* ping*,ssh,scp,sftp,tracepath6: Filter IPv4/IPv6 literal addresses
* _known_hosts_real: Add option to filter IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
* radvdump: New completion
* lsscsi: New completion
* python: Support completing dotted module hierarchies
* test/docker: Tweak work dir, add bash as default cmd
* test: Try to skip postconf variable test on broken postfix configs
* Revert "travis: Don't build local docker images, use vskytta/bash-
completion ones"
* test: Add "postconf -" test case
* test: Work around broken centos/fedora postfix config in non-IPv6
* travis: Don't build local docker images, use vskytta/bash-
completion ones
* pycodestyle: New completion
* flake8: Various option arg completion improvements
* perltidy: New completion
* lowriter,localc etc: Use corresponding oo* completions
* cryptsetup: Update option lists
* pv: New completion
* getconf: New completion
* nproc: New completion
* _known_hosts_real: Document -a better
* ssh: Add -J/ProxyJump completion
* ssh: Declare $prefix closer to use
* test: Ignore duplicates in find_unique_completion_pair list
* test: dpkg,ls,_tilde: Skip gracefully if no uniq user for
completion is found
* xdg-mime: New completion
* ssh-keygen: Add -E arg completion
* reportbug: Don't hardcode option lists, split option args at =
* reportbug: Add -A/--attach arg completion
* apt-get: Complete *.deb on install if argument contains a slash
* ri: Fix integrated ri 1.8 class completion
* test: Add files to test older ri with
* Whitespace
* test: Remove things moved to library.exp from bashrc
* test: Add some comments regarding bash init in library.exp
* xdg-settings: New completion
* tox: Remove spurious executable bits
* tox: Include ALL in -e completions
* tox: Avoid stderr spewage when -e invoked without tox.ini
* pylint: Invoke python3 to search for modules if command contains 3
* pylint: Install for pylint-2 and pylint-3 too
* test suite: Add bunch of man and MANPATH test cases
* test suite: Make man test subject names less generic
* test suite: man cleanup
* rfkill: Rename to _rfkill to avoid conflict with util-linux >=
* test: Use prebuilt docker hub bash-completion images
* Whitespace cleanup
* iptables: Use invoked command instead of hardcoded "iptables"
* iptables: Avoid stderr trashing when invoked as non-root
* iptables: Parse options from --help output
* vpnc: Add some option argument (non)completions
* vpnc: Improve config completions
* test suite: Drop no longer needed fedoradev /usr/bin/which
* test suite: Skip fedoradev GPG checks at least for now
* lspci: New completion
* lsusb: New completion
* oggdec: New completion
* alias: Fix completion followed by = (#146)
* *: Protect shopt reset from non-default $IFS
* test suite: Limit amount of info and pinfo test output
* test suite: Add info and pinfo option test cases
* test suite: Add basic hid2hci and munin-node-configure test cases
* aptitude: Add keep to commands list (Debian: #867587)
* *: Protect _known_hosts_real from user input treated as options
* curl: Fix -x etc option argument hostname completion
* groupdel: Parse and handle long options
* aptitude-curses: Use aptitude completion
* test suite: Install aptitude in ubuntu14 container
* test suite: Enable wine in ubuntu14
* xm: Don't leak args and commands environment variables
* uscan: Don't leak cword and words environment variables
* test suite: Add bunch of missing basic test cases
* ktutil: Don't leak i and command environment variables
* test suite: Limit amount of output from process name completion
* test suite: Limit number of screen -T completion matches
[ j^ ]
* xine etc, ogg123, mplayer -audiofile: Associate with *.oga
-- Ville Skyttä <> Sat, 17 Mar 2018 10:30:07 +0200
bash-completion (2.7)
[ Eli Young ]
* Makefile: update default compatdir (#132)
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Make user completion file configurable, disable in tests
* test suite: Generalize xspec completion install check
* pyflakes: Remove redundant xspec completion
* test suite: Fix __expand_tilde_by_ref test expectation output
* pdfunite: New *.pdf completion
-- Ville Skyttä <> Sat, 01 Jul 2017 14:08:43 +0300
bash-completion (2.6)
[ Björn Kautler ]
* Add missing sidedoor to .gitignore (#114)
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* test suite: Mark expected centos6 CI _filedir failures as such
* Expose version in BASH_COMPLETION_VERSINFO, use it in profile.d
* test suite: Skip an expected make test case failure in centos6 CI
* test suite: Fix ifdown and ifup CI test skipping
* test suite: Ignore env var pulled in by use of scp in tests
* test suite: If colon trim doesn't do anything, trim as usual
* tar: Comment spelling fixes
* test suite: Mark dpkg -L test case untested if no packages
* test suite: Cosmetic tweaks
* dpkg: Fix dpkg -i home dir completion
* test suite: Improve ls home dir test descriptions
* python: Split module completion to separate helper
* micropython: New completion, aliased from python
* test suite: Add Python module completion test case
* python: Fix traceback avoidance on module completion error
* openssl: Parse available digests from dgst -h
* openssl: Add sha2 commands
* gm: New completion, commands only for now
* (test suite): Test screen -T completions
* (test suite): Set TERM to dumb, not dummy
* Revert "(test suite): Fix alias and cd cursor position tests"
* mplayer: Remove duplicate *.m4a and *.m4v associations
* mplayer, xine, etc: Associate *.mp4a and *.mp4v
* xine etc: Fix *.m4a association
* bind: Add option and argument (non-)completions
* _user_at_host: Set nospace only when completing username part
* _user_at_host: Append @ suffix to username part completions
* man: Don't check OSTYPE or GNU userland, just enable on all
* (test suite): Set dcop result to untested if dcop server is not
* (test suite): Don't insist on loading all completions dynamically
* _configured_interfaces: Parse from /etc/network/interfaces.d/* on
* py.test: New completion
* oowriter: Associate with *.pdf
* ri: Add option and arg completions
* (test suite): Add our own dummy ri test fixture
* (test suite): Info test needs docs, don't exclude from CentOS
* (test suite): Fix CentOS 6 tcllib setup
* (test suite): Simplify renice test, fix with only one completion
* (test suite): Don't assume configured interfaces in CI setups
* Don't offer * as configured interface when there are none
* (test suite): Add basic CentOS 6 container for bash 4.1 coverage
* (test suite): Ignore runtime loaded env function changes
* (test suite): Add mailman bin dir to PATH for arch test
* arch: Parse options from --help
* (test suite): Load tested completions dynamically
* (test suite): Accept non-whitespace single word in
* (test suite): Avoid interference from user and system dirs (#87)
* (test suite): Install some things N/A in ubuntu14 to fedoradev
* (test suite): Add unrar to ubuntu14 container
* (test suite): Fix alias and cd cursor position tests
* (test suite): Add basic alpine test case
* alpine: Parse opts from -h output, add some opt arg completions
* (test suite): Install jshint globally in ubuntu14
* (test suite): Add mailman bin dir to PATH for some mailman tools
* (test suite): Install jshint to ubuntu14 container with npm
* unshunt: Parse options from --help
* (test suite): Test lsof on ubuntu14
* (test suite): Add basic hping3 test case
* (test suite): Add our ./configure to PATH to test it, test opts
* (test suite): Add bunch of packages to ubuntu14 container
* (test suite): Ensure /usr/(local/)games is in $PATH
* (test suite): Fix perl -d* test cases with no Devel::* installed
* (test suite): curl has lots of options, add more test prefix
* (test suite): Fix tar test case for ones having --owner-map
* (test suite): Unsupport various kill, renice cases if ps is N/A
* (test suite): Make chkconfig test behave better in container
* (test suite): Don't assume mounted filesystems in quota* tests
* newlist: Parse options from --help, add some arg non-completions
* (test suite): Delete trailing whitespace
* (test suite): Don't assume lists set up in newlist test cases
* (docker): Pull in missing fedoradev xvfb-run which dependency
* mr: Avoid stderr trash and test suite failure if man is N/A
* (test suite): Fix mmsitepass completion test
* tshark -G: Avoid stderr noise when running as superuser
* (docker): Run completion tests with xvfb-run, e.g. for gkrellm
* ssh-keygen: Make option parsing work with OpenSSH < 7
* synclient, udevadm: Avoid use of posix char classes for awk
* test suite: Add WIP Fedora dev config
* Travis: Switch tests to docker, update to Ubuntu 14
* xv: Associate with *.j2c, *.j2k, *.jp2, *.jpf, and *.jpg2 (Debian:
* eog: Associate with *.j2c and *.jpg2
* Bump copyright years
* xine etc: Associate uppercase *.WM[AV]
* mplayer: Associate *.weba (#112)
* xine etc: Associate *.webm and *.weba (#112)
-- Ville Skyttä <> Tue, 27 Jun 2017 12:29:33 +0300
bash-completion (2.5)
[ BartDeWaal ]
* Support for python gui source files (#91)
[ Ben Webber ]
* mr: New completion
[ Christian Kujau ]
* ssh-keygen: support ed25519 keys (#79)
[ Dara Adib ]
* Add sidedoor to _ssh() completion (#106)
[ George Kola ]
* .ipa is just a zip file and we should let unzip handle it (#71)
[ Miroslav Šustek ]
* ant: parse targets in imported buildfiles (#84)
[ Reuben Thomas ]
* Add more tests for ccache
* ccache: fix completing compiler's flags
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* test suite: Add java/javac non-completion fixture
* javac: Complete -cp like -classpath
* travis: Skip bluez and nis for now due to post-install script
* test/config/*: Delete trailing whitespace
* (test suite): Avoid loading user's ~/.bash_completion, fixes #87
* ip: Recognize a as alias for address and l for link
* ip: Recognize address in addition to addr
* mr: Disable "clean" test case, command N/A before mr 1.20141023
* ssh-keygen: Parse switches with _parse_usage, not _parse_help
* mplayer: Associate with *.mjpg, *.mjpeg (Debian: #837779)
* dd: Sync completions with coreutils 8.24
* travis: Add mr
* perl: Remove full path to cat in PERLDOC_PAGER call
* deja-dup: New completion
* CONTRIBUTING: Reorder sections
* *: Move indentation settings to .editorconfig
* make: Declare _make_target_extract_script like other functions
* Travis: zopfli is AWOL?
* *: Whitespace fixes
[ Zearin ]
* Minor edits to (mostly formatting) (#110)
[ l3nticular ]
* Fix bug in 'make' completion when using BSD sed (#108)
[ osu ]
* Add support for Include in ssh config (#70) (#80)
-- Ville Skyttä <> Sat, 04 Feb 2017 18:07:27 +0200
bash-completion (2.4)
[ Arash Esbati ]
* xetex, xelatex, luatex, lualatex: Associate with tex files
[ Gene Pavlovsky ]
* Use shell globbing instead of ls to source files in compat dir
[ Grisha Levit ]
* Support completing array variables and expansions
* Add tests for declare/typeset
* Better handling of typeset/declare
[ Kylie McClain ]
* tar: silence --version's stderr output
[ Paul M. Lambert ]
* Support pod document files for perldoc (#39)
[ Richard Alpe ]
* tipc: fix missing last char in link name completion
* tipc: handle complete words without trailing space
* tipc: suppress tipc error messages
* tipc: use double brackets in if conditions
* tipc: make loop variables local
* tipc: remove unnecessary return values
* tipc: readd call to complete command
* tipc: use cur variable for flag completion
* tipc: add command prefix to link sed
* tipc: remove unnecessary function _tipc_get_val()
* tipc: use bash here string instead of echo
* tipc: merge functions into main
* tipc: add test framework
* tipc: add tipc completions
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Release 2.4
* rpm: Offer --filetriggers with -q
* javadoc: Add bunch of option arg (non)completions
* lrzip: Add -m arg noncompletion
* pkg-get: Don't use hyphens in function names
* jarsigner: Add some option arg (non)completions
* pkg-get,pkgrm: Drop unnecessary _have calls
* *: Trivial cleanups
* *: Remove redundant return 0's
* pypy*: Add basic --jit arg completion
* pypy3: Alias to python
* hcitool,svcadm,tar: Spelling fixes
* Travis: Install more packages for more test coverage
* (test suite): Pass assert_complete_any for exact/only given arg
* tipc: Invoke ls with "command"
* tipc: Indentation fix
* (test suite): Fix fallout from
* (test suite): Remove Bash::Completion.3pm.gz from git, create on
the fly
* (test suite): Remove test/fixtures/_filedir/a"b from git, create
on the fly
* CONTRIBUTING: Note patch preferences if not using GitHub pull
* python: Support -Q and -W arg completion without space
* apache2ctl, aspell, make: Don't hardcode completion generator
* mysql: Avoid --default-character-set error with failglob, fixes
* test suite: Add perldoc module+pod completion test case
* perl: Remove some duplicated code
* pushd: Use _cd completion for CDPATH support, closes #38
* test suite: Add basic pushd test case
* abook: Parse long options from command including full path
* pyvenv: New completion
* chroot: New (generic long options) completion, see #38
* Travis: First steps toward testing with OS X
* test suite: Add bashcomp_bash env var for better control on tested
* aptitude: List packages using _apt_cache_packages, fixes #33
* vncviewer: Cleanup shopt use, drop an eval
* make: Avoid a grep
* rpm: Fix --whatenhances arg completion
* aspell, minicom, mysql: Replace use of ls with printf
* cppcheck: Complete filenames too for --platform
* man: Prioritize MANPATH, simplify, add fallback e.g. for busybox,
fixes #28
* aclocal: Install completion for 1.14 and 1.15, fixes #25
* mpv: Don't install symlink for it, fixes #24
* test suite: Add function and declare test cases
* CONTRIBUTING: Highlight request for test cases
[ Wayne Scott ]
* The BitKeeper completion used the wrong set of commands
-- Ville Skyttä <> Fri, 12 Aug 2016 22:43:27 +0300
bash-completion (2.3)
[ Daniel Milde ]
* Completion for python zip archives
[ Liuhua Wang ]
* lvm: pvcreate should be able to use all block devcices
* lvm: fix all commands that should get all PVs
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Release 2.3
* make-changelog: Don't output "Merge pull request" entries
* make: Use <<< instead of printf + pipe
* gnokii: Use <<< instead of echo + pipe
* *: Use [:blank:] instead of $'\t ' tricks where appropriate, fixes
* test suite: Fix abook test case
* test suite: Don't insist on property completions if synclient -l
* test suite: Tolerate "See 'man feh'" feh --help output
* test suite: Fix tar failure caused by previous tar change
* tar: Detect GNU/other from --version only once per session
* tar: Remove unused variable
* tar: Fix GNU tar help output parsing regex, fixes #15
* test suite: Add tar xvf filename test case
* tar: Don't write to /tmp/jetel
* python: Simplify code
* python: Complete all files also after -m
* python: Don't offer options after -c
* python: Complete all files only if -c is before current word
* test suite: Add some python test cases
* unzip, zipinfo: Complete on *.pyz
* travis: configure and run completions syntax check
* make check: Test syntax of all completion files
* Ask for test cases
-- Ville Skyttä <> Mon, 28 Mar 2016 18:32:47 +0300
bash-completion (2.2)
[ Barry Warsaw ]
* _init_completion: Handle cword < 0 (LP: #1289597)
[ Damien Nadé ]
* (testsuite) Use 'set' command posix behaviour when saving env
(Alioth: #314720)
* Added test/site.{bak,exp} to .gitignore
* _parse_help: Fix failglob failures (Alioth: #314707)
* _lvm: using a single-pattern case and invoking function according
to words[1]
* lvm: _lvm_count_args parameter must be quoted in order to failglob
not to complain
* gendiff: Quoting suffix pattern to avoid triggering failglob
[ Dams Nadé ]
* ssh-add, ssh-keygen: -? needs to be quoted under failglob (Alioth:
* Quote unset array element to avoid globbing interference (Alioth:
[ David Paleino ]
* Refactor bts and uscan, since they use common functions
* uscan: New completion, thanks to Federico Ceratto
* bts: New completion, thanks to Federico Ceratto.
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* complete on freerdp-specific known hosts list
* nmcli completion was integrated upstream
[ Igor Murzov ]
* isql: Fix failglob failure
* ssh-add, ssh-keygen: -? needs to be quoted under failglob (take 2)
(Alioth: #314709)
* (testsuite): move testing of _linux_fstab() to umount.exp
* umount: Fix mount points escaping/unescaping with Bash-4.3
* slapt-src: Handle --config=FILE option properly
* sbopkg, slapt-{get,src}: expand tilde in config file name
* slapt-{get,src}: Fix issue with sed not being able to handle some
* slapt-src: split options from their arguments
* Quote _filedir arguments when appropriate to prevent failglob
* psql: Tell psql to not load .psqlrc as it may change output format
(Alioth: #314636)
* testsuite: Add basic tests for portsnap and freebsd-update
* mplayer: -dvd-devices takes dvd devices, dirs and .iso files as
* 7z: Improve completion
* f77, f95: Use the same completion as for g77, g95 if they are
links to gfortran
* aptitude: safe-upgrade accepts package name as parameters (Alioth:
#313638, Debian: 673235)
* _longopt: Run commands in C locale.
* make: Use only posix basic regexps with sed (Alioth: #314345)
* cppcheck: Add new --enable option argument and --library argument
* dpkg: Suppress unwanted error messages (Debian: #706502)
* perl: -d/-dt option argument is optional (Alioth: #314242)
* Add config for cmake to bash-completion.
* kcov: Add new sort types, complete --replace-src-path arguments
* feh: Add new sort type
[ Mathieu Parent ]
* Puppet: describe: update options list, accordind to 'puppet help
* Puppet: cert: update options list, accordind to 'puppet help cert'
* Puppet: apply: update options list, accordind to 'puppet help
* Puppet: agent: update options list, accordind to 'puppet help
* Puppet: puppet parser support
* Puppet: puppet -* doesn't imply 'puppet apply'
* Puppet: use puppet terminology
[ Matthew Gamble ]
* Modify all usages of 'sed' to be run with command bash builtin
* Use command built-in to run sed to avoid any custom aliases
[ Matthieu Crapet ]
* man: Use -w instead of --path
[ Michael Gold ]
* profile.d: Avoid some warnings from shells in "nounset" mode
(Debian: #776160)
[ Miroslav Lichvar ]
* chronyc: Update help text parsing
* chronyc: Add missing subcommands
* chronyc: Add -6 option
[ Nevo Hed ]
* minicom: Recognize user ~/.minirc.* as config files
[ Ondrej Oprala ]
* __get_cword: avoid $index < 0 (Alioth: #315107)
[ Patrick Monnerat ]
* rpmbuild: Complete *.spec on --clean (RedHat: #1132959)
[ Pavel Raiskup ]
* tar: rework the completion completely
[ Peter Cordes ]
* upstart support for service completion
[ Peter Dave Hello ]
* freebsd-update: New completion.
* portsnap: New completion.
[ Peter Wu ]
* modprobe: fix params with multi-line descriptions
* gdb: support --args style completion (Alioth: #314664)
[ Rainer Müller ]
* make: Fix basic regex for portability (Alioth: #314345)
[ Raphaël Droz ]
* gnokii: New completion
[ Rune Schjellerup Philosof (Olberd) ]
* dpkg: Add support in dpkg completion for .ddeb (LP: #568404)
[ Shaun McCance ]
* xmllint, xmlwf, xsltproc: Complete on Mallard *.page files
[ Stefano Rivera ]
* pypy: New completion identical to python (Alioth: #314501)
[ Thilo Six ]
* Use more straightforward way to check bash version
* _mac_addresses: Use explicit C locale for ifconfig (Debian:
[ Tristan Wibberley ]
* make: Don't pick up variables when makefile is reloaded
* make: Offer hidden targets when it is clear that the user is
trying to complete one of them
* make: Fix detection of intermediate targets where make has changed
its database whitespace
* make: Add __BASH_MAKE_COMPLETION__ variable
* make: completion shouldn't be confused by the output of $(info
confuse: make)
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* Don't complete hostnames found after Hostname in ~/.ssh/config
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Release 2.2
* Note autoreconf need only in unprepared tarball
* Set myself in footer
* Fix footer line output
* flake8 fixes
* Make work with Python 3
* More markdown tweaks
* Markdown tweaks
* zopflipng: New completion
* Not need for autoreconf, fixes #11
* README: Expand troubleshooting section somewhat
* Merge pull request #9 from shaunix/master
* ssh: Extract duplicate code to _ssh_configfile
* Remove various comments related to bash versions we don't support
* travis: Install more packages for [xyz]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for [stuvw]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for [qr]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for [op]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for m* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for [jkl]* test coverage
* Merge pull request #7 from ukleinek/master
* indent: Remove generic long option completion
* Update copyright year
* travis: Install more packages for [hi]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for [fg]* test coverage
* mysql: Fix --default-character-set completion with mariadb
* mysql, puppet: sed portability fixes
* gnokii, minicom: Use grep through "command"
* lint: Check for sed without "command"
* Merge pull request #2 from djmattyg007/avoid_sed_alias
* travis: Install more packages for [de]* test coverage
* travis: Install more packages for c* test coverage
* travis: Add note about (currently) N/A packages
* test suite: Mark unsupported look test case as such, not
* test suite: Use unsupported instead of xfail for modinfo/modprobe
* travis: Install more packages for [0-9][ab]* test coverage
* travis: Run tests with --all to get some more useful output
* test suite: Fix ssh partial hostname completion test
* README: Split contributing to separate CONTRIBUTING doc
* README: Convert to markdown
* Drop references to
* build system: Switch to xz compressed tarball
* aclocal, automake: Install for versioned 1.14 and 1.15 executables
* Update URLs and various instructions to GitHub
* README: Update POSIX spec link
* travis: Avoid Travis default ri, use distro one instead
* test suite: Make apt-get test less sensitive to available commands
* test suite: Output tool log on failure in CI
* Set up Travis
* test suite: Expect failure in modinfo/modprobe if there are no
* test suite: Fix ssh-copy-id test on old setups with no identities
* cppcheck: Add native to --platform completions
* ssh: Avoid completing commands before hostname
* chronyc: Parse command args from help output
* chronyc: Wrap long lines
* Load completions also from $XDG_DATA_DIRS (RedHat: #1264094)
* (testsuite) Ignore files generated by
* scp, sftp: Complete -S on commands
* scp, sftp: Fix querying ssh options
* sftp: Add -l arg non-completion
* ssh-copy-id: Offer only *.pub to -i
* mpv: Remove mplayer-aliased completion
* __load_completion: New function, use in _completion_loader and
* modplug*: Associate *.oct and *.okt
* rpm: Add --whatenhances/recommends/suggests/supplements and
--recommends/supplements completions
* pgrep, pidof, pkill, pwdx, vmstat: Add support for procps-ng
* pdftotext: New completion
* checksec: New completion
* ssh: Complete HostbasedKeyTypes,HostKeyAlgorithms,KexAlgorithms
* ssh: Query ciphers and macs from ssh before hardcoded fallback
* ssh: Add -Q argument completion
* sysctl: Return early on --help, --version
* sysctl: Try parsing options from help before usage
* Document how to avoid command_not_found_handler interference
* eog: Complete on *.ppm (RedHat: #1090481)
* tar: Plug $line var leak
* tar: Style tweaks
* (testsuite) Add required "empty" dir for tar
* bsdtar, tar: Remove symlinks from git, have make create them
* jshint: New completion
* gnokii: Include and install it
* gnokii: Fix completions of options that are prefixes for others
* gnokii: Drop dead code
* (testsuite): Add basic gnokii test case
* gnokii: Various minor and cosmetic fixes
* _filedir: Avoid some unnecessary work with -d
* _filedir: Remove unused variable
* _filedir: Fix overquoted argument to compgen -d (RedHat: #1171396)
* 2015
* Load user completions from $BASH_COMPLETION_USER_DIR/completions
* Revert "README: Don't hardcode /etc in cmake fallback dir"
* README: Don't hardcode /etc in cmake fallback dir
* README: Add cmake usage example
* README: Add autotools and cmake tips
* Drop reference to no longer used sysconf_DATA
* synclient: New completion
* tune2fs: Add missing return in -M arg completion
* reptyr: Rename file to _reptyr to avoid conflict with upstreamed
* cppcheck: Option argument (non-)completion update
* dropuser: New completion
* createuser: New completion
* createdb, dropdb: Drop -o default, it does not appear to do
anything good here
* tshark: Simplify cut usage
* mcrypt: Simplify -m arg completion
* (testsuite): Add mcrypt -a and -m argument completion tests
* strings: Fix -T/--target arg completion with non-English locale
* chrome, firefox etc: Complete on *.pdf
* ccache: Add -o/--set-config arg name completion
* gphoto2: Replace tail with awk
* *: Invoke command to be completed, not its basename
* gphoto2: Fix split argument handing, and colon treatment in --port
* _completion_loader: Protect compgen from -* leakage (Debian:
* Actually install the lz4 completion
* _pnames: Add -s for producing (possibly) truncated names (RedHat:
* (testsuite) Add cd in dir without subdirs or CDPATH test case
* Protect various compgen invocations from -* leakage (Debian:
* pigz, unpigz: Handle *.zz
* _completion_loader: Set empty command to _EmptycmD_ for cross
version compat
* Comment update
* rpmbuild: Complete *.spec on --nobuild
* mplayer, *xine: Complete on *.mts (Debian: #759219)
* ant: Support buildfile set in $ANT_ARGS (Alioth: #314735)
* (testsuite) Add ant -f <buildfile> test case
* ant: Don't offer more completions after options that exit
* 7z, adb: Trivial cleanups
* python(3): Add -X argument non-completion
* xsltproc. TODO fix for previous commit
* xmllint, xmlwf, xsltproc: Complete on *.dbk and *.docbook (Alioth:
* xz: Complete -T/--threads argument
* (testsuite) Save shell variables when saving env (Alioth: #314720)
* adb: New completion
* modprobe: Try parsing help before using hardcoding option list
* (testsuite) Add vgcreate test case for _lvm_count_args with
failglob on
* _filedir_xspec: Fix with failglob on
* Various mostly array element unsetting fixes under failglob
* __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref: Make work with failglob on
(Alioth: #312741)
* _services: README in sysv init dir is not a service
* mpv: New completion alias + adjustments for mplayer (Debian:
* (testsuite) Add puppet subcommand option test case
* puppet: Recognize some short options
* puppet: Parse most subcommand options from "help subcommand"
* puppet: Exit early on -h|-V|--version in addition to --help
* hostname: New completion
* nslookup: complete on hosts (Alioth: #314673)
* eog: Complete on *.pgm (RedHat: #1090481)
* pngfix: New completion
* qemu: Fix -balloon arg completion
* qemu: Apply completion to qemu-kvm/-system-i386/-system-x86_64 too
* xrandr: Use the invoked command internally, not hardcoded "xrandr"
* xrandr: Add (some) --setprovider* arg completion support
* profile.d: Don't return from a sourced script (Debian: #741657)
* FAQ: Clarify that we mean the bash man page for M-/
* (testsuite) Avoid errors with our build.xml
* ri: Fix class completion with ri >= 3.
* ri: Fix colon handling in class completion.
* flake8: New completion
* pyflakes: New completion
* cal,chfn,chsh,dmesg,eject,hexdump,look,newgrp,renice,runuser,su,wr
ite: Deprecate on Linux in favor of util-linux ones (Debian:
* testsuite: Add basic newgrp test case
* testsuite: Add basic test cases for deprecated completions
* _*: Install our deprecated completions too, try loading them
* hwclock,ionice,rtcwake: Deprecate in favor of util-linux ones
(Debian: #737672)
* ssh-keygen: New completion
* Bump copyright years to 2014.
* jpegoptim: New completion
* ip: Add some addr, addrlabel, and route arg completions
* aptitude, dpkg: Replace some grep+cuts with awk
* gcc, lintian, make, pkgadd, slackpkg: grep -> "command grep"
(Debian: #734095)
* lintian: Replace some grep+cuts with awk
* (testsuite) Check for grep and ls invoked without "command", see
* lz4: New completion.
* optipng: New completion.
* cppcheck: Include - in --file-list completions.
* (testsuite): Limit wtf completions to A* to keep expect happier.
* wtf: Look for acronym db from /usr/share/games/bsdgames/acronyms
* wtf: Don't offer -f if it was already specified.
* wtf: Hush stderr when db file doesn't exist.
* appdata-validate: New completion.
* timeout: New completion.
* _known_hosts_real: Exclude %h HostName entries (RedHat: #1015935).
* cc, c++: Check path to binary when finding out if it's gcc
(Alioth: #314417).
* cc, c++: Install minimal completion for non-gcc ones (Alioth:
* abook, kldunload: Pre-expand \t instead of relying on sed
supporting it.
* dict: Trivial regex cleanup.
* _known_hosts_real: Pre-expand \t instead of relying on sed
supporting it (Alioth: #314393).
* zopfli: New completion.
* bzip2, gzip, lzma: Cleanups.
* Cosmetics.
* export, _variables: Do TZ= completion (Redhat: #994646).
* 2to3: New completion.
* file-roller: Reuse unzip's xspec.
* 7z: New completion.
* hcitool, rfcomm, ciptool, hciconfig: Don't leak $args.
* perl: Fix -dt: completion.
* perl*: Fix handling of relative paths in @INC.
* wget: Add --accept-regex/--reject-regex/--regex-type arg
* wget: Drop incorrect -nv arg completion.
* wget: Stop completing after --help/--version.
* Clean up/compact various globs.
* cvs: Fix checkout -j non-completion.
* sh: Complete script arguments with all filenames (Alioth:
* nmcli: Deprecate our completion, upstream has one in
* Revert "nmcli completion was integrated upstream"
* Use == instead of =.
* cvs rm: Don't filter existing files with -f (RedHat: #949479).
* aclocal, automake: Install for *-1.10, *-1.12, and *-1.13 too.
-- Ville Skyttä <> Thu, 03 Mar 2016 17:22:50 +0200
bash-completion (2.1)
[ AllKind ]
* Fix __ltrim_colon_completions() fail on parameter (\$1) containing
a glob.
[ Andreas Müller ]
* completions/ symlinks depends on $(DATA) to avoid race
[ Christian von Roques ]
* Fix __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref for $COMP_CWORD == ${#COMP_WORDS[@]}
[ David Paleino ]
* Fix helper script to create changelogs
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* New completions: nmcli, gphoto2
* Improved completions:
- dsniff: add -p option completion
- dsniff: fix interface completion
[ Igor Murzov ]
* _command_offset: Restore compopts properly (Alioth: #313890)
* _parse_help, _parse_usage: Run commands in C locale.
* New completions: wget, zathura
* Improved completions:
- cppcheck: Add new standards to --std option.
- evince: Evince supports opening .pdf.xz files (Alioth: #313739).
- feh: Add new options introduced in feh-2.7.
- feh: Fix list of background styles.
- fusermount: Complete curlftpfs-mounts for "fusermount -u" (Debian:
- kcov: Add new sort types (introduced in kcov-9).
- kcov: Complete arguments of --limits option.
- lvm: Fix typo in option name: s/continguous/contiguous/.
- make: Do not append space if target is a filepath.
- mount: Fix parsing /etc/fstab on *BSD.
- mount.linux: Add some new mount options intoduced in Linux 3.5 and 3.7
- mount.linux: Add options completion for nfs and davfs.
- mount.linux: Clean up mount options, remove duplicates.
- mplayer: Add opus to the list of supported formats.
- mplayer: Add -subcp argument completion.
- opera: Handle options.
- slackpkg, slapt-get: Update the list of package sets.
- tar: Fix detection if the $prev is a tar file.
- valgrind: Add --soname-synonyms option arguments completion.
* Testsuite:
- _filedir: Remove the cruft from the a\$b->h unit test (Alioth: #313480)
[ Jeroen Hoek ]
* Improved completions:
- unzip: Add support for OpenDocument formats.
[ Ken Sharp ]
* Improved completions:
- wine: add .msi completion
[ Martin Ueding ]
* Stylistic cleanup
[ Tristan Wibberley ]
* Improved completions:
- make: incremental completion for make with compact display
- make: convert make completion to use smarter parser
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Avoid sourcing dirs in completion loader to avoid fd leaks (RedHat: #903540)
* Ignore colormake symlink.
* Line continuation, whitespace, and compgen -W ... -- "$cur"
quoting cleanups.
* _available_interfaces: Try with "ip link" if ifconfig is not available.
* _ip_addresses: Try with "ip addr" if ifconfig is not available.
* _known_hosts_real: Filter ruptime stdout error spewage (Alioth: #313893).
* _mac_addresses: Try local interfaces with "ip link" if ifconfig not
* _mac_addresses: Try ARP cache with "ip neigh" if arp is not available.
* _mac_addresses: Fix with net-tools' ifconfig that outputs ether, not HWaddr.
* New completions: chronyc, eject, eog, file-roller, hexdump, interdiff, lua,
luac, luseradd, luserdel, lusermod, mussh, nc, ngrep, patch, pydoc,
pyflakes, pylint, ss, strings, tshark, wsimport, xxd
* Improved completions:
- acpi, chpasswd, dmesg, gkrellm, groupmems, hwclock, lastlog, pwd, vipw:
Complete options even without "-" given.
- arpspoof, dsniff, ether-wake, nmap: Offer active interfaces only.
- clzip, pdlzip, plzip: New lzip alias completions.
- colormake: New make alias completion (LP: #743208, Debian: #682557)
- cpio: Recognize pass thru when -p is bundled w/other options
(RedHat: #912113).
- cppcheck: Add --language/-x argument completion.
- cppcheck: Complete --include= with filenames.
- dnsspoof, filesnarf, macof, sshow, tcpkill, tcpnice, urlsnarf: Fix -i
- genisoimage: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoding options, add basic test
- groupmems: Add -R/--root arg completion.
- hexdump: Actually install for hd as well.
- host: Complete with known hosts.
- ip: Improve addr show and link show completions.
- ip: Remove some stale TODOs.
- jar: Reuse unzip's xspec (RedHat: #928253).
- koji: Complete on build targets when --target is given to wait-repo.
- lv{create,resize,extend}, vg{create,reduce,extend,split}: Fix variable
- lvm: Add _lvm prefix to helper functions.
- lvm: Take option args into account when counting args (RedHat: #860510).
- lvm volumes: Complete on /dev/mapper/* (RedHat: #851787).
- lzip: Do not append space after equal sign in long options.
- make: Convert internal variable names to lowercase, indentation fix.
- make: Don't leak $mode.
- make: Make work in POSIX mode.
- man: Add support for .lz man pages (RedHat: #839310).
- man: Don't expand man page extensions too early.
- man: Fix -P/--pager full path arg completion.
- modinfo: Use ,, for lowercasing instead of tr in a subshell.
- modprobe: Don't suggest installing already installed modules.
- ncftp: Add option completion.
- pkg-config: Try to complete --variable= if package name is already given.
- pydoc: Complete on keywords and topics.
- python, pydoc: Add module completion.
- scp: Treat strings with slash before colon or starting with [.~] as local.
- ssh: Add some -o and related arg completions.
- ssh: Add -O argument completion (Debian: #680652).
- tar: Don't take -I to mean bzip2.
- tar: Fix completing files inside *.tlz when J is explicitly given.
- tar: Simplify bzip patterns.
- tar: Support *.tar.lz (Debian: #703599).
- tar: Recognize taz and tb2 as compressed tarballs.
- tcpdump: Fix -z full path arg completion.
- unzip/zipinfo: Associate with more StarOffice extensions.
- useradd, userdel, usermod: Add -R/--root arg completion.
- useradd, usermod: Support comma separated -G/--groups arg completion.
- useradd: Fix -k, -K, and --home-dir argument completions.
- userdel: Add -h/--help non-completion.
- valgrind: Fix full path <command> arg completion.
- vgcreate: Add missing symlink.
- vipw: Add -R/--root arg completion.
- vpnc: Add bunch of option arg (non)completions.
- vpnc: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoding options, add basic test case.
- wget: Use == instead of =.
- wine: Fix extension glob to work on its own.
- wol: Try "ip addr" before ifconfig for finding out broadcast addresses.
- xrandr: Add bunch of option arg non-completions.
- xrandr: Use _parse_help.
- xrandr --mode: Clean up one awk call.
- xrandr: Avoid --mode completion error when --output is not given.
- xrandr: Don't leak $i when completing --mode.
* Deprecated completions:
- udevadm: one is shipped in systemd >= 196 (RedHat: #919246).
* Testsuite:
- Make pydoc test more likely to work with our limited expect buffer size.
- Fix pwd unit test
[ Yann Rouillard ]
* New completions: pkgutil, pkgrm, pkgadd, pkg-get, svcadm.
[ wonder.mice ]
* Fixed tilde expanding in _filedir_xspec
-- David Paleino <> Fri, 05 Apr 2013 12:05:15 +0200
bash-completion (2.0)
[ Anthony Ramine ]
* Properly declare 'symlinks' dependencies
[ David Paleino ]
* apt-get: add 'changelog' to completed commands
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* Add xz compression extension for kernel modules
[ Igor Murzov ]
* sudo: Handle options (Alioth: #311414).
* sudoedit: New completion.
* _command_offset: Properly quote arguments of eval (Alioth:
* mount.linux: Add some new mount options intoduced in Linux 3.0-3.2
* _modules: Ignore error messages.
* modprobe, modinfo, insmod: Move modprobe and modinfo completions
to their own files.
* sbopkg: Use _parse_help.
* sbopkg, slackpkg, slapt-{get,src}: Use shorter form of the check
if file exists.
* _filedir: Properly quote paths to avoid unexpected expansion.
* su: Add linux-specific completion
* insmod, modprobe: Don't hardcode path to modinfo (Alioth: #313569)
* man: --path option is supported on Darwin (Alioth: #313584)
* man: Move variable declaration to the right place.
* feh: Update option argument completions.
* fbi, feh: Complete more supported file formats.
* fbgs: Add new options introduced in fbida-2.09.
* cppcheck: Complete new --relative-paths option arguments
* _expand: Suppress unwanted bash error messages (Alioth: #313497)
* scp: Recognise symlinks to directories as directories (Debian:
[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* ri: Rename ri_get_methods helper to add leading underscore
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* rmmod: Add option completions.
* testsuite/generate: Generate less linefeeds.
* insmod: Install for insmod.static too.
* mplayer: Add -monitoraspect arg completion.
* mplayer: Add generic handling of options that take arguments.
* testsuite: Fix spurious modinfo and modprobe test failures on
systems that have /lib and /lib64 dirs.
* pigz: Add -p/--processes arg completion.
* testsuite: Add basic su test case.
* su: Fix long option handling.
* su: Add --session-command arg completion.
* su: Complete -s/--shell with shells instead of all files.
* lyx: Remove simple completion, upstream has more complete one
(Debian: #662203)
* testsuite/generate: Tweak linefeeds.
* make: Add generic variable completion.
* man: Recognize 3gl as man page filename extension -- at least Mesa
uses it.
* _realcommand: Try greadlink before readlink (Alioth: #313659).
* Comment spelling fix.
* qiv: Add *.svg.
* xmllint: Add *.svgz.
* autotools: Use MKDIR_P instead of mkdir_p (Alioth: #313671).
* lbzip2: Add -n argument completion.
* *_tilde*: Escape tilde in [[ $1 == \~* ]] tests (RedHat: #817902).
* New completions:
- acpi, hwclock, pwd, ssh-add, vmstat
[ Sung Pae ]
* Workaround bash bug that fails to complete <, >
-- David Paleino <> Sun, 17 Jun 2012 20:01:36 +0200
bash-completion (1.99)
* Hopefully the last 2.0 preview.
[ David Paleino ]
* Correctly list purgeable packages for dpkg --listfiles and dpkg
--purge (Debian: #647684)
* Fix bash_completion paths in README (Debian: #647941)
[ Florian Hubold ]
* xv: Add *.eps and *.ps to filename completions (Alioth: #313477)
[ Igor Murzov ]
* Add and use _sysvdirs() function that sets correct SysV init
* cppcheck: Add new options introduced in cppcheck-1.52.
* cppcheck: Several ids separated by commas can be given for
* _known_hosts_real: Add some quotes (Alioth #313158)
* Merge completions/service into the bash_completion script.
* _modules: Follow symlinks in /lib/modules/$(uname -r) (Alioth:
* mount, umount: Add linux-specific completions.
* mount: Don't suggest short options.
* pidof: Don't check OS type (Alioth #311403)
* removepkg: Make it possible to complete filenames.
* umount: Fix for completion of relative paths.
* upgradepkg: Support oldpackage%newpackage notation.
* wine: Complete all files after an .exe (Alioth #313131)
* New completions:
- htop, nethogs.
[ Jan Kratochvil ]
* rpm: Treat -r as --root (RedHat: #759224).
[ Raphaël Droz ]
* Added a word about compopt -o nospace in styleguide.txt.
* _ip_addresses: Make it locale agnostic.
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* cc, c++: Install gcc completion if compiler looks like GCC
(Alioth: #311408).
* cppcheck: Offer header filename completions too.
* curl: Add bunch of new option argument completions.
* dequote: Use printf instead of echo (Alioth: #312163).
* dict: Speed up word completion with common use cases and large
word lists.
* dmesg: Adapt to versions returning long options.
* Document $split && return.
* _filedir, _tilde: Ignore compopt stderr for direct invocations in
unit tests.
* Include doc/ in dist tarball.
* _known_hosts_real: Handle more than two hostnames per known hosts
line (Debian: #647352).
* _known_hosts_real: Include hosts reported by ruptime (Alioth:
* _known_hosts_real: Support > 1 files per *KnownHostsFile line
(Debian: #650514).
* lintian: Use <<< instead of echo and a pipe (Alioth: #312163).
* lrzip: -T no longer takes an argument since version 0.570.
* _mac_addresses: Grab addresses from FreeBSD's ifconfig -a output
* make: Add -j/--jobs completion, complete up to number of CPUs * 2.
* _muttconffiles: Use printf instead of echo (Alioth: #312163).
* _parse_help, _parse_usage: If first arg is "-", read from stdin.
* rpm: Add --delsign completion, don't suggest --resign (identical
to --addsign).
* _variables: New function split from _init_completion.
* vi and friends: Fix /etc/* completion (Alioth:
* New completions:
- plague-client, desktop-file-validate, valgrind, ccache, iperf,
koji, lzip, udevadm.
-- David Paleino <> Sat, 07 Jan 2012 23:52:36 +0100
bash-completion (1.90)
* bash-completion 2 preview: dynamic loading of completions.
[ David Paleino ]
* If _filedir 'ext' returns nothing, just fallback to generic file
completion. It is optional, and off by default. Patch by Clint Byrum
(Debian: #619014, LP: #533985)
* Fix __get_cword_at_cursor_by_ref: check for $index when completing with a
cword+1 argument already present (Debian: #622383)
* Layout change: everything is now in /usr/share/bash-completion/, rather
than in /etc/.
* Fix autotools to use pkgdatadir instead of redefining datadir, get rid of
* Implemented a blacklist for unwanted third-parties completions
* New completions:
- epdfview, lpr and lpq (Raphaël Droz), mysql (Raphaël Droz)
* Improved completions:
- ant: handle "extension-point" the same as "target" tag (Petr Kozelka,
Alioth: #313105)
- apt: add 'download' to subcommands (Debian: #625234, Ubuntu: #720541)
- aptitude: add 'versions' command (Debian: #604393)
- dpkg-query: use the 'dpkg' completion (Debian: #642526)
- lintian: remove --unpack-level (Debian: #623680)
- {shadow,coreutils}: fix broken _allowed_groups usage
- rrdtool: complete filenames after commands (Debian: #577933)
- sitecopy: fixed a bug with grep and brackets: use sitecopy -v to fetch
sites (Raphaël Droz).
[ Freddy Vulto ]
* Improve __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref() (Alioth #313057)
* Testsuite:
- add -unsorted option to _get_hosts()
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* Use $() for subshell, instead of backquotes
* Use simple quotes for constant strings
* Drop -o filenames, as suggested by Ville
* New completions: puppet
[ Igor Murzov ]
* Abort completion file loading earlier if required commands are not
* docs: Improve tester's manual
* Make completions that use _command also work with file names
* _command_offset: Restore compopts used by called command.
* New completions:
- pkgtool, makepkg, rmp2tgz, slapt-get, slapt-src, slackpkg, kcov, feh,
xgamma, fbi, fbgs
* Improved completions:
- file: ddd few missing --exclude arguments completions
- host, nslookup: Remove completions for bind utils from bash_completion.
- {install,upgrade,explode}pkg: use -o plusdirs instead of -o dirnames
- makepkg: should complete filenames
- removepkg, upgradepkg, installpkg: add option completion
- xrandr: Add more option completions.
- overall clean up of different slackware-specific completions
* Testsuite:
- add basic tests for pkgtools, rpm2tgz, slapt, sbopkg, slackpkg
- fix broken tests for finger and xhost
- remove unused -expect-cmd-full option from assert_complete*
[ Sergey V ]
* New completions: sbopkg
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Load completions in separate files dynamically, get rid of have()
* Drop unnecessary $USERLAND checks
* Try /usr/sbin before /sbin in have()
* Try both full path and basename completions for sudo etc (Alioth: #313065)
* Add _init_completion() for common completion initialization and generic
redirection handling
* Replace actual sysconfdir in bash_completion on install (Alioth: #313081)
* Drop support for bash < 4.1
* Drop no longer needed _compopt_o_filenames()
* Drop no longer needed "type compopt" checks
* docs: Update "simply sourcing" instructions to match new layout, check
* Get rid of bash_completion self-parsing from _filedir_xspec
(RedHat: #479936).
* Provide profile.d hook for per user disabling of bash_completion
(Debian: #593835)
* New completions:
- a2x, arping, asciidoc, base64, cal, chrpath, cppcheck, curl, dmesg,
dot, file, gnome-mplayer, gprof, hddtemp, host, htpasswd, idn, ionice,
jps, lbunzip2, lbzip2, lbzcat, prelink, protoc, pwdx, pwgen, reptyr,
sum (RedHat: #717341), watch
- phing: reuse ant completion (Elan Ruusamäe, Alioth: #312910)
- pinfo: reuse info completion
* Improved completions:
- bluez, e2fsprogs, grpck, java (Mattias Ulbrich), passwd, pwck, route,
rsync, smartctl
- ant: improve -lib, -find/-s, and -D argument completions; rewrite build
target parsing in plain bash, add build file test case
- aspell: add --add-filter|--rem-filter completions; get --mode completions
from 'aspell modes' output
- bzip2, gzip, python, sysbench: quote command argument to _parse_help()
- chsh: use _allowed_users instead of plain compgen -u
- cksfv: add -g argument completion
- cpan2dist: don't hang if no package list files exist
- crontab: use /sys/fs/selinux and /selinux instead of /etc/selinux to
find out if SELinux is around
- cvs: (diff) parse options from cvs diff instead of plain diff; drop -o
default to fix CVS root completions; (commit) complete on entries
instead of default if COMP_CVS_REMOTE is not set; improve CVS
controlled file completions; add CVS controlled file completions for
admin and update; list "primary" command names first in mode switch;
recognize some additional commands and synonyms; add editors/watchers
completion; sort mode completions alphabetically
- freeciv: complete freeciv-* in addition to civclient/civserver
- gdb: improve filename completion
- gendiff: do file completion after output redirection
- getent: add gshadow to known databases; allow multiple completions from
same db, add option completion
- info: add option completion support
- ipsec (Tobias Brunner): drop uname check, add strongSwan specific
completion with fallback, complete connection names for 'up', 'down' and
other commands
- jar: complete on *.sar (JBoss service archive)
- java, javac: add -X* completions
- javadoc: implement -linkoffline two argument completion
- killall: activate completion on Darwin (Alioth: #312350)
- (la)tex (Ted Pavlic): add *.dbj to filename completions (RedHat: #678122)
- man: add option parsing and completion
- modplug*: add more extensions for files supported by libmodplug
- mutt: support tildes when recursively sourcing muttrc files
(Debian: #615134); expand tilde in mutt query command (Alioth: #312759)
- ntpdate: add some option argument (non)completions
- oo{writer,impress,calc,draw} (Matej Cepl): complete on LibreOffice
FlatXML extensions (RedHat: #692548)
- perldoc (Scott Bronson): override MANPAGER when generating perldoc
completions (RedHat: #689180); don't parse man page when we know it'll
produce no completions; use perldoc itself instead of man
- pgrep: add option and option argument completions
- rpm: make rpm --queryformat use more consistent; drop rpm query support
for rpm < 4.1
- rpmbuild: add --buildpolicy completion
- rpmcheck: drop reference to undefined $files variable (Alioth: #313270)
- screen: add _terms() and -T completion; add commands completion
(Alioth: #312164, RedHat: #547852)
- _services: avoid bogus completions when init or xinetd dirs exist but are
empty; include systemd services
- smartctl: fix short alternative for --tolerance
- ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-copy-id: add some option argument (non)completions
- strace: don't append space for -e *= completions; don't try to extract
syscall names if they're not going to be used; rewrite arch specific
syscall extraction in plain bash
- svn*: don't suggest short options
- tar: fix completion of files inside *.tar.bz2 archives when [Ijy] is not
given; added option completions; improve tar *[cr]*f completions
(Debian: #618734)
- unzip: complete on *.sar (JBoss service archive)
- xmllint, xmlwf: complete on *.tld (tag library descriptor)
- xmlwf: add -v non-completion
- xmms: add some option argument completions
- xz: apply xz completion to pxz too; non-complete
* Testsuite:
- add basic tests for gendiff, mdadm, puppet, xzdec, mii-diag, mii-tool,
grpck, passwd, pwck, samba, rdesktop, fusermount, tcpdump, l2ping,
ssh-copy-id, postfix, qemu, ldap*, medusa, mdtool, monodevelop,
msynctool, cfagent, lpr, lpq, mysql, nslookup, compare, conjure,
import, stream
- fix tests for ri
- fix get_hosts option docs.
- add test case for Debian: #622383.
- add chown foo: and :foo test cases, should complete files
(RedHat: #710714)
-- David Paleino <> Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:53:55 +0000
bash-completion (1.3)
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* added pure-perl perldoc completion helper, using work from Aristotle
Pagaltzis (
* added completions for xfreerdp and iscsiadm
* updated xm subcommands list
[ David Paleino ]
* Fixed "service" completion, thanks to John Hedges (Debian: #586210)
* Complete on all files for mplayer's -dvd-device
* Fixed typo in openssl completion (Debian: #609552)
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Activate hping2 completion also for hping and hping3.
* Add badblocks, compgen, crontab, dumpe2fs, e2freefrag, e2label, ether-wake,
filefrag, gendiff, growisofs, iftop, ip (Debian: #600617), javaws, kid3,
lrzip, lsof, mktemp, portecle, POSIX sh, sha{,224,256,384,512}sum,
sysbench, tune2fs, xmodmap, and xrdb completions.
* Add *.gif (Alioth: #312512), *.m2t (Alioth: #312770), *.3gpp, *.3gpp2,
*.awb, and *.iso (Alioth: #311420) to mplayer filename completions.
* Add "short" tarball extensions to unxz, unlzma etc completions.
* Improve /etc/init.d/*, ipmitool, jar, java, javadoc, man, mencoder, mkdir,
mplayer, pack200, povray, python, rpmbuild, sqlite3, tar, wodim, and
general help parsing completions.
* Fix p4 and povray completions (Alioth: #312625).
* Add *.xsd, *.xsl, *.rng, *.wsdl, and *.jnlp to xmllint and xmlwf filename
completions, and *.gz versions of all of the supported ones for xmllint.
* Recognize rpm query mode based on the --file, --group, --package, and
--all long options (RedHat: #630328).
* Improve rpm query option completions.
* Drop bad kompare filename completion (Alioth: #312708).
* Make _filedir and _filedir_xspec complete uppercase versions of their
filename extension arguments in addition to exact case matches.
* IPv6 known hosts completion fixes (Alioth: #312695, RedHat: #630658).
* Fixes to completions for filenames containing tabs (RedHat: #629518).
* Add *.iso (Alioth: #311420), *.m2t and *.m2ts (Alioth: #312770) to
xine-based player filename completions.
* Add /etc/ethers to MAC address completion sources.
* Add *.gem and *.spkg to tar filename completions.
* Complete known hosts from avahi-browse only if $COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_AVAHI
is non-empty (Alioth: #312691, RedHat: #630326).
* Improve relevance of many user/group completions, depending on context.
* Remove most "-o filenames" options to "complete", turn "-o filenames" on
dynamically when needed instead.
* Add/improve various autotools completions.
* Add *.apk to unzip and jar filename completions.
* Do not load bash_completion in profile.d script if progcomp is not enabled.
* Ignore muttrc source entries that are not files (Alioth: #312881).
* Re-enable postgresql database and user completion (Alioth: #312914,
Ubuntu: #164772).
* Add *.fdf to various PDF viewer completions.
[ Freddy Vulto ]
* Added _tilde(), fix ~username completion (Alioth: #312613, Debian: #587095)
* Speed up `compopt' availability detection
* Fix _filedir `-o filenames' detection on bash-3 (Alioth: #312646)
* Fix __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref (Alioth #312740)
[ Anton Khirnov ]
* Improve mplayer and mencoder completions.
[ Paul Walmsley ]
* Add *.webm to mplayer file completions (Debian: #588079).
[ Miklos Vajna ]
* Add *.amr to mplayer file completions (Alioth: #312634).
[ Andrej Gelenberg ]
* Add *.part (partially downloaded) to mplayer and xine-based player
completions (Alioth: #312657).
[ Stephen Gildea ]
* Fix false posives for non-option words in _parse_help (Alioth: #312750).
[ Andrey G. Grozin ]
* Add *.fb2 to okular filename completions.
-- David Paleino <> Sun, 06 Feb 2011 19:03:46 +0100
bash-completion (1.2)
[ David Paleino ]
* Don't use pidof in _known_hosts_real() to detect whether Avahi is
available, since it's not available on MacOS X. Thanks to Rainer
Müller <> (bash-completion MacPorts maintainer)
* Fixed "freq" and "rate" completion for iwconfig
* contrib/munin-node fixed (Debian: #550943)
* contrib/dpkg fixed -W and --show completing on .?(u)deb's (Debian: #552109)
* contrib/aptitude: add @(add|remove)-user-tag
* Added munindoc completion to contrib/munin-node, thanks to Tom
Feiner (Debian: #553371)
* Added colordiff completion, same as diff
* contrib/cpio: added missing completions for -?, --help, --license, --usage,
--version and (-p) --to-stdout (Debian: #557436)
* Style policy: don't use fancy globbing in case labels
* Added .fdf completion to okular and evince
* Added .okular completion to okular (Debian: #545530)
* Added lintian completion
* Refreshed reportbug completion, added --from-buildd (Debian: #579471)
* Special-case "apt-get source" (Debian: #572000)
* Added lintian completion (Debian: #547361)
* contrib/dpkg: update completion to current API
* Styleguide: establish line wrapping and $() instead of ``
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Create bz2 dist tarball too.
* Include CHANGES in dist tarball.
* Include profile snippet in tarball, install it.
* Rename contrib/bluez-utils to contrib/bluez to follow bluez 4.x naming.
* Apply cardctl completion to pccardctl too.
* Apply pine completion to alpine too.
* Remove many unnecessary short option completions where long ones exist.
* Improve chsh, chgrp, chown, configure, curl, cvs, find, gkrellm, gzip,
iconv, lftp, look, lzma, make, man, mdadm, modprobe, mount, mplayer,
mysqladmin, perldoc, rsync, screen, service, scp, ssh, sshfs, unzip,
update-alternatives, vncviewer, wget, yp-tools, xine based players' and
general hostname completions.
* Add abook and wtf completion, based on work by Raphaël Droz.
* Add cvsps, dragon, fusermount, jarsigner, k3b, lftpget, modplug123,
pm-utils, rtcwake, pack200, unpack200, pbzip2, pbunzip2, pbzcat, pigz,
unpigz, and wol completions.
* Don't overwrite other host completions when completing from multiple
SSH known hosts files.
* Speed up installed rpm package completion on SUSE, based on work by
Marco Poletti (Alioth: #312021).
* Improve sourcing snippets from completion dirs.
* Drop support for bash < 3. The compatibility global variables $bashN,
$default, $dirnames, $filenames, $compopt, $nospace, $bashdefault, and
$plusdirs have been dropped too. 3rd party completions should switch
to using the complete/compgen features directly, and BASH_VERSINFO
for bash version checks.
* Protect various completions from unusual user input by not embedding the
input in external command arguments (Debian: #552631).
* Add /sbin to $PATH when invoking ifconfig and iwconfig.
* Combine dcop and qdbus completions into the latter.
* awk and sed usage portability fixes (Alioth: #311393, Debian: #501479).
* Fix leaking local variables from various completions.
* Turn on -o filenames in _filedir on bash >= 4.
* Deprecate modules completion, upstream modules >= 3.2.7 ships one.
* Protect grep invocations from user aliases (Alioth: #312143).
* Split sshfs completion from contrib/ssh into contrib/sshfs.
* Split mount and umount completion into contrib/mount.
* Split service completion into contrib/service.
* Split chown, chgrp, and id completions into contrib/coreutils.
* Split kill, look, and renice completions into contrib/util-linux.
* Split killall, pkill, pgrep and related completions into contrib/procps.
* Split ipsec completion into contrib/ipsec.
* Split ifup and ifdown completions into contrib/ifupdown.
* Do basic HTML file completion with Firefox and Chrome and friends,
and Epiphany.
* Do basic diff/patch completion with cdiff and kompare.
* Don't install mock completion by default, it's in upstream mock > 1.1.0.
* Do basic text editor completion with xemacs, sxemacs, kate, and kwrite.
* Do meta-command completion for aoss and padsp.
[ Freddy Vulto ]
* Prevent root PATH expansion prolifering in _root_command (bash >= 4.1.4)
* Only complete xhost if (_)xhost is available.
* Added _get_comp_words_by_ref to replace both _get_cword & _get_pword.
Also additional variables `words' and `cword' can be returned.
* Added _upvar & _upvars helper functions to aid in passing variables
by reference.
* Make _filedir emulate `-o filenames'
* Fixed completion perl modules containing colons.
* Merged __get_cword3 & __get_cword4 to _get_cword.
* Added __expand_tilde_by_ref helper function.
* Added __ltrim_colon_completions to fix completions containing colons
* Improved mutt completion
* Added _get_pword helper function, thanks to Sung Pae (Alioth: #312030)
[ Ted Stern ]
* Fix modules completion for "(default)" entries.
[ Jeremie Lasalle Ratelle ]
* Fix rsync remote path completion (Alioth: #312173, Gentoo: #297818).
[ Leonard Crestez ]
* Improve ssh -o suboption completion (Alioth: #312122).
* Fix NFS mounts completion (Alioth: #312285).
* Fix completion of usernames (Alioth: #311396, Debian: #511788).
* Fix chown test crashing on systems with no root group (Alioth: #312306).
* Fixed tests when BASH_COMPLETION or TESTDIR contain spaces.
* Fix mount handling of escapes (Alioth: #311410, Launchpad: #219971,
Debian: #511149).
* Cleanup scripts to run tests. Make runUnit and runCompletion use test/run.
Make it possible to run tests from any directory.
* Add a --debug-xtrace option to test/run using BASH_XTRACEFD from bash-4.1.
* Add a --timeout option to test/run to override the default expect timeout.
[ Raphaël Droz ]
* Add xsltproc completion (Alioth: #311843).
[ Adrian Friedli ]
* Add ipv6calc completion.
[ Ildar Mulyukov ]
* Add showmount completion (Alioth: #312285).
[ Neville Gao ]
* Fix mount completion error "bash: [: too many arguments" (Alioth #312381).
[ Austin English ]
* Make lookup of wine file completions case insensitive.
[ Igor Murzov ]
* Improve xz completion (Alioth: #312466).
[ Mario Schwalbe ]
* Update find completion (Alioth: #312491, Launchpad: #570113).
[ Mark van Rossum ]
* Add basic lyx completion.
-- David Paleino <> Wed, 16 Jun 2010 17:44:59 +0200
bash-completion (1.1)
[ David Paleino ]
* Permit .gz files concatenation (Debian: #514377)
* Fix svk completion using $filenames instead of $default (Debian: #524961)
* Really add build-dep to aptitude's completion (Debian: #495883)
* Fix checks for GNUish userland, thanks to Robert Millan (Debian: #529510)
* Fix typo in .ass subtitles completion for mplayer (Debian: #531337)
* Fix regression on man(1) completion: also complete on local .3pm files
(Debian: #531343)
* Split mutt completion to contrib/mutt
* Split iconv completion to contrib/iconv
* Split dict completion to contrib/dict
* Split {update,invoke}-rc.d completions to contrib/sysv-rc
* Don't install _subversion anymore, upstream completion is better than
ours. Added to EXTRA_DIST in
* Split autorpm completion to contrib/autorpm
* Split jar completion to contrib/jar
* Split chkconfig completion to contrib/chkconfig
* Split chsh completion to contrib/chsh
* Split apt_build completion to contrib/apt-build
* Split aptitude-related completions to contrib/aptitude
* Split apt-cache and apt-get completions to contrib/apt
* Split rpm-related completions to contrib/rpm
* Split cvs-related completions to contrib/cvs
* Split man completion to contrib/man
* Split bash builtins completions to contrib/bash-builtins
* Split dpkg-related completions to contrib/dpkg (and re-enable usage
of grep-status if available)
* Split gcc completion to contrib/gcc
* Split dselect completion to contrib/dselect
* Split cardctl completion to contrib/cardctl
* Split pineaddr completion to contrib/pine
* Added avahi-discovered hosts to _known_hosts_real() (Debian: #518561)
* Added m4v completion to mplayer (Debian: #504213)
* Improve qemu completion (Debian: #534901)
* Added sshfs completion (shares the same as scp) (Debian: #545978)
* Fixed obvious brokenness (typos) in contrib/mdadm
* Clean []:port format in known_hosts, thanks to
Xuefer (Gentoo: #284563)
* Added --no-generate to "apt-cache pkgnames" calls, make it faster
on certain configurations (Debian: #547550)
* Split okular from evince filename extension completion, needed to add
okular-specific completions: xps, epub, odt, fb, mobi, g3 and chm.
Also, okular can read any of its formats also in .gz/.bz2 compressed
format, so change the regular expression to match this.
* Remove --with-suggests and --without-suggests from aptitude completion
* Patches from PLD Linux (thanks to Elan Ruusamäe):
- avoid sed pipe as ps itself can omit the headers
- improve service(8) completion, also look for "msg_usage"
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Split yum completion to contrib/_yum (no longer installed by default, the
intent is to move it to yum upstream soon).
* Split yum-arch completion into contrib/yum-arch, load completion only if
yum-arch is installed.
* Update list of yum commands and options.
* Add yum repolist, --enable/disablerepo, --disableexcludes, -d, -e, --color,
and --enable/disableplugin completions.
* Add chkconfig --override and resetpriorities completions.
* Split mplayer and friends completions to contrib/mplayer.
* Parse top level mplayer and friends option completions from -list-options.
* Fix dir-only completion for make to include only dirs, not files.
* Remove unused variable RELEASE.
* Improve aspell dictionary completion: don't hardcode data-dir, get
canonical dicts from "aspell dicts".
* Always use /etc/shells for chsh -s completion, don't complete on comment
lines in it.
* Fix rpm --whatrequires/--whatprovides completions with spaces and other
unusual characters, add filename based --whatrequires completions.
* Add modplugplay filename completion.
* Add more mod-like audio file extensions for xine-based players and timidity.
* Complete on plain alternatives like update-alternatives.
* Rename installed_alternatives() to _installed_alternatives().
* Add /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf to list of default openssl config files,
search for default ones only if -config is not given.
* Use POSIX compliant arguments to tail in mkisofs completion.
* Protect various completions from unusual user input by not embedding the
input in external command arguments.
* Add _split_longopt() helper for improved handling of long options that
take arguments in both "--foo bar" and "--foo=bar" formats.
* Use _split_longopt to improve and clean up aspell, bluez-utils, chgrp,
chown, chkconfig, cpio, dpkg, heimdal, iptables, mailman, make, mc,
mii-diag, mii-tool, mkinitrd, pkg-config, postgresql, quota, reportbug,
samba, smartctl, yum, and generic long option completion (Alioth: #311398).
* Add chown --from and --reference value completions.
* Add chgrp --reference value completion.
* Do not assume all --foo= options take filenames in generic long option
completion, assume only that --*file*= does, and that --*dir*= takes dirs.
* Add make --old/new-file, --assume-old/new, --what-if value completions.
* Add smartctl -n/--nocheck completion, add more other value completions.
* Fix leaking $prev from cpio, dsniff, freeciv, gkrellm, mkinitrd, service,
and tcpdump completions.
* Split ant completion to contrib/ant, improve the built in one.
* Improve postfix completion.
* Improve samba completion.
* Split lilo completion to contrib/lilo.
* Split reportbug and querybts completions to contrib/reportbug.
* Remove debug output noise from quotaon completion.
* Split Linux wireless tools completion to contrib/wireless-tools.
* Add mock completion.
* Split FreeBSD kld(un)load completion to contrib/kldload.
* Split FreeBSD pkg_* completion to contrib/pkg_install.
* Split FreeBSD portupgrade and friends completion to contrib/portupgrade.
* Split Slackware pkgtools completion to contrib/pkgtools.
* Improve rpm group completion (displayed completions are still wrong).
* Change many completions to load in memory only if the completed commands
are available.
* Invoke the actual mplayer/mencoder command being completed (with full path)
to get various completions instead of simply "mplayer" or "mencoder".
* Associate OOXML/MS Office 2007 extensions with OpenOffice applications.
* Associate .tsv with oocalc.
* Add xmlwf completion.
* Associate *.po with poedit, gtranslator, kbabel, and lokalize.
* Add xz, xzcat, xzdec, and unxz completion.
* Add lzcat, lz*grep, lzless, lzmore, and unlzma completion.
* Load "modules" completion if /etc/profile.d/ exists even if
the "module" alias has not been defined (yet).
* Add *.ogv to xine-based players (Debian: #540033).
* Add $compopt (":" i.e. no-op with bash < 4, "compopt" with >= 4).
* Complete bzcat and zcat only on compressed files.
* Do not require a dot in bzcmp, bzdiff, bz*grep, zcmp, zdiff, z*grep, zless,
and zmore filename completions.
* Add xz and compress support and more tarball filename extensions to
rpmbuild -t*/--tarbuild completion.
* Don't hardcode path to lsmod.
* Fix sbcl file/dirname completion (Debian: #545743).
* Add /sbin to $PATH when invoking lspci and lsusb.
* Support .xz suffix in info page completions.
* Prevent rpm --define/-D completions from falling through.
* Add more common options to rpm option completions.
[ Todd Zullinger ]
* Make yum complete on filenames after install, deplist, update and upgrade
when the following argument contains a slash.
[ Mike Kelly ]
* Fix _filedir on bash 4.
* Add support for xz to tar completion.
* Fix _quote_readline on bash 4 (Debian: #544024).
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* Split mkinitrd completion to contrib/mkinitrd, improve it.
* Split smartctl completion to contrib/smartctl.
* Better ssh and sftp completion
* Better xhost completion
* Split _known_hosts completion in two parts, to avoid parsing command line
* Added strace completion
* Added xm completion
* Added rpcdebug completion
* Added msynctool completion
* Added openldap completion
* Added ldapvi completion
* Added heimdal completion
* Added vpnc completion
* Added rpmcheck completion
* Added munin-node completion
* Added bluez-utils completion
* Added samba completion
* Added cfengine completion
* Added xmllint completion, contributed by Ville
* Added shadow completion, contributed by Ville
* Added repomanage completion, contributed by Ville
* Splitted and enhanced openssl completion
* Added rfkill, mdadm and resolvconf completions
[ Raphaël Droz ]
* Add mount -L and -U completion.
[ Philipp Weis ]
* Add .dvi.{gz,bz2} completion for evince/okular (Debian: #522656)
[ Freddy Vulto ]
* Patched _known_hosts() to support multiple {Global,User}KnownHosts in SSH
config files, thanks to Thomas Nilsson (Alioth: #311595) (Debian: #524190)
* Fix leaking $i from info, man and python completions.
* Added setting COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE. _known_hosts_real() will add
hosts from HOSTFILE, unless COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE is set to an
empty value (Alioth: #311821)
* Quoted $cur to prevent globbing - thanks to Eric Blake (Alioth #311614)
* Fix leaking $muttcmd from mutt completion
* Fix completing multiple hosts (Debian: #535585)
[ Michele Ballabio ]
* Add more extensions to pkgtools completion.
-- David Paleino <> Sat, 03 Oct 2009 15:41:49 +0200
bash-completion (1.0)
[ Guillaume Rousse ]
* Make bibtex complete on .aux files
* Add .xvid and .XVID to player completion
* Added cowsay/cowthink completion
* Added brctl completion
* Added cpan2dist completion
* Added qemu completion
* Added net-tools (mii-tool and mii-diag) completions
* Added minicom completion
* Added quota-tools completion
* Added rdesktop completion
* Added tightvncviewer completion
* Cleanup screen completion, and make it completes on options
[ David Paleino ]
* Added .kar to Timidity completion.
* Fix killall completion, remove trailing ":" on certain process
* Fix man -l completing filenames (Debian: #497074)
* (Partly) fixed java classes completion (Debian: #496828). Look for
FIXME in source.
* Dump to /dev/null error message from look(1) with no arguments
(Debian: #495142)
* Set ssh as default for rsync (was rsh) (Debian: #492328)
* Added .oga, .ogv, .ogx to mplayer completion (Debian: #496162)
* Added .epub to unzip|zipinfo completion (Debian: #492476)
* Added ssh-copy-id completion (Debian: #491856)
* Moved ssh completion to separate file (Debian: #360628)
* Bogus completion when mounting subdirs fixed (Debian: #322238)
* Fix `apt-cache showsrc` completing only on source package names
(Debian: #361535)
* Fixed bugs with gdb completion:
- when an empty directory is in $PATH (thanks to Morita Sho)
(Debian: #497597)
- when a non-existing directory is in $PATH (Debian: #499780)
* Fix missing completion for "-n" and "-e" (we were using echo, now
using printf) (thanks to Morita Sho) (Debian: #498105)
* Fixed gpg completion:
- --@(export|@(?(l|nr|nrl)sign|edit)-key)) (Debian: #500316)
- -@(r|-recipient))
* Fixed .cb[rz] completion for evince (Debian: #502885)
* Added gksudo, gksu, kdesudo completion
* Added apache2ctl completion
* Added gpg2 completion (Debian: #489927)
* Fixed mplayer -skin completion (Debian: #501473)
* Fixed errors with POSIX enabled (Debian: #502804)
* Fixed dpkg-source wrong exit() with return() (Debian: #)
* Added --schedule-only to aptitude's completion (Debian: #502664)
* Added build-dep to aptitude's completion (Debian: #495883)
* Added support for `-F configfile' to _known_hosts(), ssh, scp and
sftp, thanks to Freddy Vulto (Debian: #504141)
* Fixed sed quoting bug in _known_hosts(), thanks to Freddy Vulto
(Debian: #504650)
* Allow `Host(Name)' in ssh config file to be indented
* Allow `Host(Name)' in ssh config file to have trailing comment.
* Allow for comments in known_hosts files (Debian: #511789)
* Fixed perl -I/-x completion, thanks to Freddy Vulto
(Debian: #504547)
* README updated: explain how to use bash-completion correctly.
(Debian: #506560)
* TODO updated: the Alioth team is now upstream.
* Added qdbus completion, thanks to Terence Simpson (Ubuntu: #257903)
* Added monodevelop and mdtool completions.
* Split subversion-related completions to contrib/_subversion
(prefixed with _ to avoid file conflicts with upstream's one)
* Fixed completion of environment variables, thanks to Morita Sho
(Debian: #272660)
* Fix dpkg completion bug: it listed only non-Essential packages
(Debian: #511790)
* Fixed _dpkg_source completion (Debian: #503317)
* Added _parse_help() to try to parse options listed in $command
* Fixed gzip completion to use _parse_help(), since the available
options vary with distributions
* Added to_review/ directory, where completions needing a review would
go. After it gets accepted, the completion would go into contrib/.
* Remove unused UNAME local variable in _info() (Debian: #501843)
* AUTHORS added
* Make _alias() use _get_cword
* Added .zip to jar completions (Debian: #521041)
* Merge from Gentoo:
- fix 'find' completion so that it properly completes on -?(i)whilename.
Patch by Ciaran McCreesh.
- use make -qp to parse the Makefile for us, so we get proper completion
on things like pattern rules. Patch by Mike Kelly <>.
- complete on gkrellm2 as well. Patch by Aaron Walker.
- fix CVS completion
* Merge from Ubuntu:
- consume error messages in configure completion (Ubuntu: #223882)
(Mika Fischer)
- quote $xspec in _filedir_xspec in case it is empty, which would
cause errors if there was no match under failglob. (Ubuntu: #194419)
(Mika Fischer)
* debian/links fixed (Debian: #494292)
* debian/control:
- fixed typo in the long description
- added Vcs-* fields
* debian/install:
- correctly install contrib/* under /etc/bash_completion.d/
* debian/copyright updated
* extra/dh_bash-completion:
- updated to support a list of files in debian/<package>.bash-completion
(Debian: #512917)
[ Ville Skyttä ]
* Added JPEG 2000 files to display completion, thanks to Bastien Nocera
(RedHat: #304771)
* Improved rpm macro completion.
* Added -E to rpm completion.
* Improved rpm backup file avoidance.
* Improved /var/log/rpmpkgs based rpm installed package completion.
* Improved performance of rpm -qa based rpm installed package completion.
* Improved features and performance of yum completion.
* Added support for p (POSIX) and x ( man sections.
* Improved filename based man page completion.
* Added minimal sqlite3 completion.
* Improved getent completion (Ville Skyttä, Guillaume Rousse).
* (Re)fix gzip and bzip2 options completion.
* Improved svn filename completion (RedHat: #430059).
* Add lzma completion (Per Øyvind Karlsen, Ville Skyttä).
* Add .mp2 and .vdr to mplayer completion (RedHat: #444467).
* Add .mkv, .mp2 and .vdr to *xine completion (RedHat: #444467).
* Added lzop completion.
* Fix scp metacharacter escaping.
* Remove duplicate cpio completion, thanks to Freddy Vulto (Debian: #512823)
* Fix awk error in "modprobe -r /" completion (Debian: #512556).
* Expand ~foo to dir name more eagerly to avoid quoting issues.
* Fix -sourcepath handling in javadoc packages completion.
* Extract process name completion from _killall to _pnames, make it work
for others than Linux and FreeBSD.
* Fix process name completion with relative paths (RedHat: #484578).
* Use improved process name completion in pgrep in addition to killall.
* Enable pgrep and pkill completion if the commands are available, not just
on Linux and FreeBSD.
* Drop hg completion, an improved version is shipped with Mercurial
(contrib/bash_completion in the tarball).
* Make okular complete on same files as evince, thanks to Mary Ellen Foster
(RedHat: #486998).
* Apply ps2pdf completion to ps2pdf{12,13,14,wr} too.
* Simplify, return earlier in non-applicable environments.
* Remove obsolete --buildarch and --buildos rpm(build) completions.
* Add rpmbuild --target completion.
* Use "-profile help" to get mplayer and friends -profile completions.
* Fix local array initialization under bash 3.0, prevents "()" occurring in
file and dir name completions.
[ Freddy Vulto ]
* Restored `_display()' completion for `display' by removing
completion-by-extension for `display' (Alioth#311429)
* Removed duplicate completion option `-borderwidth' for `display'
* Prevent completion dir from being sourced twice if
* Make `_mii-tool()' and `_mii-diag()' POSIX-compliant
* Fix _isql completion waiting for grep input if $ODBCINI not set; handle
whitespace in $ODBCINI.
* Split vncviewer completion in _tightvncviewer() and _xvnc4viewer()
Added _realcommand() global function.
[ Jakob Unterwurzacher ]
* ps2pdf can run on .pdf files as well. (Debian: #516614, Ubuntu: #316943)
[ Santiago M. Mola ]
* Add .ape to mplayer supported extensions (Alioth#311510).
-- David Paleino <> Wed, 25 Mar 2009 23:18:24 +0100
bash-completion (20080705) unstable; urgency=low
[ David Paleino ]
* Added more completions to imagemagick (thanks to Nelson A. de
Oliveira) (Debian: #487786)
* Added xrandr completion (thanks to Anton Khirnov) (Debian: #487825)
* Improving _gdb completion:
- $filenames to $default (Debian: #463969)
- also show directory names (i.e. compgen -d) in COMPREPLY.
- added . to $PATH, to allow debugging "local" executables.
- do not complete Bash's builtins (thanks to Morita Sho)
[ Luk Claes ]
* Remove use of ucf for /etc/bash-completion (Debian: #488171).
-- Luk Claes <> Sat, 05 Jul 2008 16:14:15 +0200
bash-completion (20080617.5) unstable; urgency=medium
* Revert way of setting environment variables (Debian: #487774).
* Add equals sign to _get_cword for mutt_aliases (Debian: #482635).
* Enhance mlayer completion (Debian: #487826, #487838).
-- Luk Claes <> Tue, 24 Jun 2008 19:50:57 +0200
bash-completion (20080617.4) experimental; urgency=low
[ David Paleino ]
* Merged Ubuntu changes:
- added quote(), quote_readline(), dequote() helper functions.
- added _remove_word()
- fixed _get_cword()
- refactored _filedir using quote_readline()
- refactored _filedir_xspec using quote_readline()
- fixed COMPREPLY's in _iwconfig
- fixed _cvs()
- _known_hosts(): use files from UserKnownHostsFile options in
addition to standard ones.
- fixed _command() to correctly prune the command line
- disabled completion of PostgreSQL users and databases (Ubuntu: #164772)
- fixed _java_packages()
- fixed _muttquery()
- added flv/FLV completion to mplayer
- added --installed to apt-cache
- only complete on filenames for aspell
- fixed code for exclusions compspecs
- added code to gracefully handle debug options (set +/-v)
-- Luk Claes <> Mon, 23 Jun 2008 19:25:25 +0200
bash-completion (20080617.3) unstable; urgency=low
[ David Paleino ]
* Fixed IFS for filedir_xspec - Thanks to Stefan Lippers-Hollmann
(Debian: #487571)
[ Luk Claes ]
* Install dh-bash-completion to ease installation of completions.
-- Luk Claes <> Mon, 23 Jun 2008 07:24:21 +0200
bash-completion (20080617.2) unstable; urgency=low
[ David Paleino ]
* New upstream release
- provide a manpage for extra/dh_bash-completion
- fix semi-serious problem with _filedir() (Debian: #487449)
* debian/rules:
- added rule to generate dh_bash-completion's manpage
* debian/install, debian/dirs:
- installing dh_bash-completion into /usr/bin
* debian/control:
- new package dh-bash-completion
[ Luk Claes ]
* Comment new package to make sure current fix gets in the archive first.
* Add compression completion for vi(m).
-- Luk Claes <> Sun, 22 Jun 2008 19:47:23 +0200
bash-completion (20080617.1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ David Paleino ]
* Urgency set to medium because the package is currently unusable.
* New upstream sub-release
- fixed some typos here and there which prevented bash completions
at all (Debian: #487441).
- really closing Debian bug #455510.
-- Luk Claes <> Sun, 22 Jun 2008 00:22:53 +0200
bash-completion (20080617) unstable; urgency=low
[ David Paleino ]
* New upstream release
- add more completions to aptitude (Debian: #432289)
- fixed UTF-8 problem with _get_cword(), thanks to
Andrei Paskevich (Debian: #472132)
- fixed autoremove completion, thanks to Flavio Visentin
(Debian: #474974)
- cmf and CMF added to playmidi completion (Debian: #365658)
- added rrdtool completion, thanks to Justin Pryzby (Debian: #428641)
- added OpenDocument completion for unzip/zipinfo (.od{f,g,p,s,t})
(Debian: #472940)
- fixed escaping problems with job control (i.e. disown, jobs, bg,
fg): the argument is now surrounded by "" (Debian: #347316)
- make mkdir complete also on filenames (Debian: #376433)
- {bz,z}{cat,cmp,diff,egrep,fgrep,grep,less,more} now should complete
on all filenames, not just compressed archives (just commented out)
(Debian: #455510)
- fixes Perl completion (Debian: #470742)
- fixes get_cword -> _get_cword typo (Debian: #478596)
- fixes _get_cword() function to properly handle filenames with
whitespaces (Debian: #394636, #468254, #474094)
- added .pdf.bz2 completion to evince (Debian: #424736)
- added .svg completion to display (Debian: #441017)
- added .m2ts completion to mplayer (Debian: #480879)
- added extra/dh_bash-completion to ease future rewrite of bc.
* debian/copyright - now in a fancier machine-parsable format.
* debian/control:
- added myself to Uploaders
- debhelper Build-Depends updated to >= 6.
* debian/watch:
- improved current watch line regex
- added (commented out) probable future watch line
* debian/compat bumped to 6
* debian/dirs, debian/install and debian/links added
* debian/rules:
- refactored to make use of debian/{dirs,install,links}
[ Steve Kemp ]
* Applied patch to fix completion of umount command.
(Debian: #470539)
* Fixed the completion of Perl manpages.
(Debian: #404976)
* Added 'aif' to the filenames offed for completion for mplayer.
(Debian: #474517)
* Allow tsocks completion.
(Debian: #409423)
* Update mutt completion to handle local usernames.
(Debian: #416655)
* Update apt-get completion to include the flag "--no-install-recommends"
(Debian: #475242)
-- Luk Claes <> Sat, 21 Jun 2008 21:59:43 +0200
bash-completion (20060301-4) unstable; urgency=low
* Add some fixes from Ubuntu:
* Fix completion of filenames with spaces (Debian: #468254).
* Fix parsing of SSH config files (Debian: #435117).
* Change priority to standard (Debian: #471666).
* Add some more completions for xine (Debian: #452083, #471249).
* Fix completion of gzip (Debian: #351913).
* Also use $HOSTFILE in hostname completion (Debian: #400380).
-- Luk Claes <> Sat, 22 Mar 2008 23:10:30 +0000
bash-completion (20060301-3) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix kpdf completion (Debian: #468163, #413374).
* Fix completion of - or -- with _command (Debian: #415276).
* Add sux to the complete -u list (Debian: #466089).
* Add dvipdfm to the list of dvi programs (Debian: #396644).
* Add --purge-unused option completion for aptitude (Debian: #438471).
* Add divx extension completion for mplayer (Debian: #444294).
* Add pdf.gz completion for evince (Debian: #456887).
* Add --remove-all completion for update-alternatives (Debian: #269173).
-- Luk Claes <> Wed, 05 Mar 2008 22:57:27 +0100
bash-completion (20060301-2) unstable; urgency=low
* Take over the package.
-- Luk Claes <> Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:22:03 +0100
bash-completion (20060301-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Upload to unstable.
-- Matthias Klose <> Sat, 09 Feb 2008 23:18:20 +0100
bash-completion (20060301-0ubuntu2) hardy; urgency=low
* Replace bash (<< 3.1dfsg-9), handle upgrade in preinst.
* Exclude hashed hostnames from ssh host completion results. Debian: #428085.
* Fix: ifup/down don't really complete. Debian: #463756.
* Allow perl completion to complete filenames, complete -I and -x arguments.
Debian: #443394.
* Add find -wholename completion. Debian: #431220.
* Handle whitespaces in $HOME for _known_hosts() completion. Debian: #414821.
* dpkg -L: complete for removed-but-not-purged packages. Debian: #372156.
* Complete for apt-get autoremove. Debian: #433542, #443816, #445332.
* Update completion for mplayer (mka/flac). Debian: #340452.
* Add ping6/fping6 completion. Debian: #413170.
* Handle whitespace in paths for mount/umount completion. Debian: #367957.
* apt-get: Support --auto-remove. Ubuntu: #60666.
-- Matthias Klose <> Sat, 09 Feb 2008 23:11:32 +0100
bash-completion (20060301-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
* Initial release, split out from the bash package.
The software currently is unsupported upstream.
* Don't try to set a readonly variable. Ubuntu: #149527.
* Support purge in apt-get auto completion (Mathias Gug). Ubuntu: #151677.
* evince: Autocomplete on cbr/cbz/djvu files. Ubuntu: #156200, #175220.
Debian: #400678.
* kdvi: complete .*\.dvi\.(gz|bz2). Ubuntu: #128234.
* kpdf: Complete postscript files. Ubuntu: #162319.
* Make completion working in the middle of a word (Adam Simpkins).
Ubuntu: #139666.
-- Matthias Klose <> Fri, 08 Feb 2008 16:46:34 +0100