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unzip, zipinfo: Associate *.gar (#165)

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ezarko authored and scop committed Oct 4, 2017
1 parent e6a4715 commit e5ee408a5aee2f1c9d898150e256540d020fc5ee
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
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@@ -1942,7 +1942,7 @@ _install_xspec()
# bzcmp, bzdiff, bz*grep, bzless, bzmore intentionally not here, see Debian: #455510
_install_xspec '!*.?(t)bz?(2)' bunzip2 bzcat pbunzip2 pbzcat lbunzip2 lbzcat
_install_xspec '!*.@(zip|[ejsw]ar|exe|pk3|wsz|zargo|xpi|s[tx][cdiw]|sx[gm]|o[dt][tspgfc]|od[bm]|oxt|epub|apk|ipa|do[ct][xm]|p[op]t[mx]|xl[st][xm]|pyz)' unzip zipinfo
_install_xspec '!*.@(zip|[egjsw]ar|exe|pk3|wsz|zargo|xpi|s[tx][cdiw]|sx[gm]|o[dt][tspgfc]|od[bm]|oxt|epub|apk|ipa|do[ct][xm]|p[op]t[mx]|xl[st][xm]|pyz)' unzip zipinfo
_install_xspec '*.Z' compress znew
# zcmp, zdiff, z*grep, zless, zmore intentionally not here, see Debian: #455510
_install_xspec '!*.@(Z|[gGd]z|t[ag]z)' gunzip zcat

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