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import csv
from itertools import groupby
def main():
with open('../Downloads/Orders-2953573217.csv', 'r') as f:
data = [row for row in csv.reader(f)]
cols, orders = data[0], data[1:]
index = {col: i for i, col in enumerate(cols)}
orders = [(int(order[index['Tickets']]),
order[index['Email Address']],
order[index['First Name']] + " " + order[index['Last Name']]) \
for order in orders][::-1]
# Group and sort
sorted_orders = []
for key, grp in groupby(orders, key=lambda x: x[1]):
sorted_grp = sorted(grp, key=lambda x: x[0], reverse=True)
orders = sorted_orders
n, tickets = 0, 0
while tickets < 60:
tickets += orders[n][0]
n += 1
madeit = [order[2] for order in orders[:n]]
with open("madeit_emails.txt") as f:
madeit += [email[:-1] for email in f.readlines()]
manymadeit = [order[2] for order in orders[:n] if 1 < order[0]]
maybe = [order[2] for order in orders[n:n+10]]
nogo = [order[2] for order in orders[n+10:]]
print "made it: {}\n".format(', '.join(madeit))
print "many made it: {}\n".format(', '.join(manymadeit))
print "maybe: {}\n".format(', '.join(maybe))
print "nogo: {}\n".format(', '.join(nogo))
names = [order[3] for order in orders[:n]]
with open("extra_names.txt") as f:
names += [name[:-1] for name in f.readlines()]
print "Names: {}".format(len(names))
print "\n".join(names)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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