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include *.txt THANKS
include setup.cfg VERSION Makefile
recursive-include tables *.py *.pyx *.pxd *.pxi *.c
exclude tables/linkExtension.pyx # depends on the HDF5 version
recursive-include tables/tests *.h5
recursive-include tables/nodes/tests *.h5 *.dat *.xbm
recursive-include src *.c *.h Makefile
recursive-include blosc *.c *.h
recursive-include LICENSES *
recursive-include utils *
recursive-include doc *.txt *.pdf *.html *.css *.png Makefile make.bat
recursive-include doc/scripts *.py
recursive-include doc/sphinxext *
recursive-exclude doc/build *
recursive-include examples *.py *.sh
recursive-include bench *.sh *.py *.txt
recursive-include contrib README *.py
# Including the debian/ directory is considered bad practice. See:
# recursive-include debian *
# recursive-exclude debian *.in
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