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%% disstemplate.tex, to be compiled with latex. %%
%% 08 April 2002 Version 5 %%
%% %%
%% Writing a Doctoral Dissertation with LaTeX at %%
%% the University of Texas at Austin %%
%% %%
%% (Modify this ``template'' for your own dissertation.) %%
%% %%
\documentclass[12pt]{report} % The documentclass must be ``report''.
\usepackage{utdiss2} % Dissertation package style file.
% Optional packages used for this sample dissertation. If you don't %
% need a capability in your dissertation, feel free to comment out %
% the package usage command. %
% Some packages to write mathematics.
\usepackage{eucal} % Euler fonts
\usepackage{verbatim} % Allows quoting source with commands.
\usepackage{makeidx} % Package to make an index.
\usepackage{epsfig} % Allows inclusion of eps files.
%\usepackage{citesort} % citesort is ancient and deprecated
\usepackage{cite} %
\usepackage{url} % Allows nice typesetting of web URLs.
%\usepackage{draftcopy} % Uncomment this line to have the
% word, "DRAFT," as a background
% "watermark" on all of the pages of
% of your draft versions. When ready
% to generate your final copy, re-comment
% it out with a percent sign to remove
% the word draft before you re-run
% Makediss for the last time.
% Needed for making certian figures
\author{Anthony Michael Scopatz} % Required
\address{} % Required
\title{Essential Physics for Fuel Cycle Modeling \& Analysis} % Required
% NOTICE: The total number of supervisors and other members %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% MUST be seven (7) or less! If you put in more, %%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% they are put on the page after the Committee %%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Certification of Approved Version page. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% Enter names of the supervisor and co-supervisor(s), if any,
% of your dissertation committee. Put one name per line with
% the name in square brackets. The name on the last line, however,
% must be in curly braces.
% If you have only one supervisor, the entry below will read:
% \supervisor
% {Supervisor's Name}
% NOTE: Maximum three supervisors. Minimum one supervisor.
% NOTE: The Office of Graduate Studies will accept only two supervisors!
{Erich Schneider}
% Enter names of the other (non-supervisor) members(s) of your
% dissertation committee. Put one name per line with the name
% in square brackets. The name on the last line, however, must
% be in curly braces.
% NOTE: Maximum six other members. Minimum zero other members.
% NOTE: The Office of Graduate Studies may restrict you to a total
% of six committee members.
[Steven Biegalski]
[Sheldon Landsberger]
[Mark Deinert]
{Man-Sung Yim}
\previousdegrees{B.S., M.S.E.}
% The abbreviated form of your previous degree(s).
% E.g., \previousdegrees{B.S., MBA}.
% The default value is `B.S., M.S.'
% Graduation month, either May, August, or December, in the form
% as `\graduationmonth{May}'. Do not abbreviate.
% The default value (either May, August, or December) is guessed
% according to the time of running LaTeX.
% Graduation year, in the form as `\graduationyear{2001}'.
% Use a 4 digit (not a 2 digit) number.
% The default value is guessed according to the time of
% running LaTeX.
\typist{the author}
% The name(s) of typist(s), put `the author' if you do it yourself.
% E.g., `\typist{Maryann Hersey and the author}'.
% The default value is `the author'.
% Commands for master's theses and reports. %
% If the degree you're seeking is NOT Doctor of Philosophy, uncomment
% (remove the % in front of) the following two command lines (the ones
% that have the \ as their second character).
%\degree{MASTER OF ARTS}
% Uncomment the line below that corresponds to the type of master's
% document you are writing.
% Some optional commands to change the document's defaults. %
\topmargin 0.125in % Adjust this value if the PostScript file output
% of your dissertation has incorrect top and
% bottom margins. Print a copy of at least one
% full page of your dissertation (not the first
% page of a chapter) and measure the top and
% bottom margins with a ruler. You must have
% a top margin of 1.5" and a bottom margin of
% at least 1.25". The page numbers must be at
% least 1.00" from the bottom of the page.
% If the margins are not correct, adjust this
% value accordingly and re-compile and print again.
% The default value is 0.125"
% If you want to adjust other margins, they are in the
% utdiss2-nn.sty file near the top. If you are using
% the shell script Makediss on a Unix/Linux system, make
% your changes in the utdiss2-nn.sty file instead of
% utdiss2.sty because Makediss will overwrite any changes
% made to utdiss2.sty.
% Some optional commands to be tested. %
% If there are 10 or more sections, 10 or more subsections for a section,
% etc., you need to make an adjustment to the Table of Contents with the
% command \longtocentry.
% Some math support. %
% Theorem environments (these need the amsthm package)
%% \theoremstyle{plain} %% This is the default
% Macros. %
% Here some macros that are needed in this document:
\chardef\bslash=`\\ % \bslash makes a backslash (in tt fonts)
% p. 424, TeXbook
\newcommand{\cn}[1]{\texttt{\bslash #1}}
\makeatletter % Starts section where @ is considered a letter
% and thus may be used in commands.
\makeatother % Ends sections where @ is considered a letter.
% Now @ cannot be used in commands.
\makeindex % Make the index
% My Macros
%General Short-Cut Commands
% The document starts here. %
\copyrightpage % Produces the copyright page.
% NOTE: In a doctoral dissertation, the Committee Certification page
% (with signatures) is BEFORE the Title page.
% In a masters thesis or report, the Signature page
% (with signatures) is AFTER the Title page.
% If you are writing a masters thesis or report, you MUST REVERSE
% the order of the \commcertpage and \titlepage commands below.
\commcertpage % Produces the Committee Certification
% of Approved Version page (doctoral)
% or Signature page (masters).
% 20 Mar 2002 cwm
\titlepage % Produces the title page.
% Dedication and/or epigraph are optional, but must occur here. %
For Mary, Jana, \& Stephen Scopatz
\[\mu\eta\delta\grave{\epsilon}\nu \hspace{0.5em} \acute{\alpha}\gamma\alpha\nu\]
\begin{acknowledgments} % Optional
I would like to first evoke my unending appreciation to Dr. Erich Schneider
for guiding and advising me through out my graduate studies at the University
of Texas. Furthermore, I would like to thank the Nuclear \& Radiation Engineering
program for granting me countless opportunities and support over the years.
Moreover, I am continually indebted to Dr. Jun Li and Dr. Man-Sung Yim for their
influence, criticisms, and efforts without which much of this work would have been
severely impoverished.
Additionally, gratitude unbound must be expressed to The Hacker Within.
At the risk of leaving many worthy friends unacknowledged, a heart-felt
thanks to Dr. Paul Wilson, Dr. Milad Fatenejad, and Dr. Puneet Kishor
for challenging me to be a better scientist and engineer. To Kathryn Huff, words fail.
For their unwavering support and understanding, the company Enthought
deserves great praise for helping me persevere through the course of my studies.
In specific, the resolutions of Dr. Travis Oliphant and Jonathan March cannot go unrecognized.
% The abstract is required. Note the use of ``utabstract'' instead of
% ``abstract''! This was necessary to fix a page numbering problem.
% The abstract heading is generated automatically.
% Do NOT use \begin{abstract} ... \end{abstract}.
Nuclear fuel cycles (NFC) are the collection of interconnected processes which
generate electricity through nuclear power. Due to the high degree of
coupling between components even in the simplest cycles, the need for a dynamic
fuel cycle simulator and analysis framework arises. The work presented herein develops
essential physics models of nuclear power reactors and incorporate them into a NFC
simulation framework.
First, a one-energy group reactor model is demonstrated.
This essential physics model is then to simulate a sampling fuel cycles which are perturbations of
well known base-case cycles. Because the NFC may now be simulated quickly, stochastically
modeling many fuel cycle realizations dramatically expands the parameter space which may be analyzed.
Finally, a multigroup reactor model which incorporates spectral changes as a function of burnup
is presented to increase the fidelity of the original one-group reactor.
These methods form a suite of modeling technologies which reach from the lowest levels
(individual components) to the highest (inter-cycle comparisons).
Prior to the development of this model suite, such broad-ranging analysis had been unrealistic to perform.
The work here thus presents a new, multi-scale approach to fuel cycle system design.
\tableofcontents % Table of Contents will be automatically
% generated and placed here.
\listoftables % List of Tables and List of Figures will be placed
\listoffigures % here, if applicable.
% Actual text starts here. %
% Including external files for each chapter makes this document simpler,
% makes each chapter simpler, and allows for generating test documents
% with as few as zero chapters (by commenting out the include statements).
% This allows quicker processing by the Makediss command file in case you
% are not working on a specific, long and slow to compile chapter. You
% can even change the chapter order by merely interchanging the order
% of the include statements (something I found helpful in my own
% dissertation).
% Appendix/Appendices %
% If you have only one appendix, use the command \appendix instead
% of \appendices.
% Generate the bibliography. %
% %
% NOTE: For master's theses and reports, NOTHING is permitted to %
% come between the bibliography and the vita. The command %
% to generate the index (if used) MUST be moved to before %
% this section. %
% %
% This command causes all items in the
% bibliographic database to be added to
% the bibliography, even if they are not
% explicitly cited in the text.
% Not using because my bib file is generated
% by Mendeley...which makes it huge.
\bibliographystyle{plain} % Here the bibliography
\bibliography{library} % is inserted.
% Generate the index. %
% %
% NOTE: For master's theses and reports, NOTHING is permitted to %
% come between the bibliography and the vita. This section %
% to generate the index (if used) MUST be moved to before %
% the bibliography section. %
% %
\printindex % Include the index here. Comment out this line %
% % with a percent sign if you do not want an index. %
% Vita page. %
Anthony Michael Scopatz was born in these United States and spent many childhood
years traversing them. Anthony then embarked on a Bachelor of Science in Physics at
the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2002. Upon successful completion in 2006,
graduate studies commenced at the University of Texas at Austin in the Nuclear and
Radiation Engineering Program in the Mechanical Engineering Department.
Anthony currently resides in Austin and wishes to escape Civilization for
the great untamed wilds of North America with increased frequency.
\emph{Vox Clamantis in Deserto.}
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