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Tools used to generate the SciPy conference proceedings
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SciPy Proceedings

Paper Format

Papers are formatted using reStructuredText and the compiled version should be
no longer than 7 pages, including figures.  Here are the steps to produce a

- For the 2012 branch of the `scipy_proceedings
  <>`__ repository on GitHub.  An
  example paper is provided in ``papers/00_vanderwalt``.  Create a new
  directory ``papers/firstname_surname``, copy the example paper into it, and
  modify to your liking.

- Run ``./ papers/firstname_surname`` to compile your paper to PDF
  (requires LaTeX, docutils, Python).  The output appears in

- Once you are ready to submit your paper, file a pull request on GitHub.

Papers may be submitted via e-mail to by July 15th.

General Guidelines
- All figures and tables should have captions.
- License conditions on images and figures must be respected (Creative Commons,
- Code snippets should be formatted to fit inside a single column without
- Avoid custom LaTeX markup where possible.

Other markup
Please refer to the example paper in ``papers/00_vanderwalt`` for
examples of how to:

 - Label figures, equations and tables
 - Use math markup
 - Include code snippets

 - IEEETran and AMSmath LaTeX classes
 - **Latest** docutils (development version, they haven't released in years)
 - Pygments for code highlighting
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