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Slack/SNS Bridge

This Heroku-targetted Node.JS app handles receiving various Amazon SNS messages from services like Cloudwatch, autoscaling, and Stackdriver. Each message is converted into a rich Slack message and sent to the specified channel.


Deploy the code to Heroku under your own app. This should be as easy as cloning, running heroku apps:create <NAME>, and pushing.

To authorize your application with Slack, go to the new integration page and create an Incoming Webhook. You'll get a url in the format of Take note of this token and give the Heroku app your Slack information:

$ heroku config:set SLACK_TOKEN=yourintegrationtoken

(Note that Slack lets you customize your integration's image and name. This bridge generally overrides the image and name dynamically, so you don't need to customize the integration for slack-sns.)

Once this is set, you just need to add the bridge to your SNS topics. Use the URL format https://<slack-sns> to send messages to the #noise channel on Slack.

Creating Handlers

Handlers are small functions which take a message in and format it for Slack.

They are defined in handlers.js and referenced from web.js in the message function. When creating a handler the most important thing to do is return an object with a text field. All other fields are optional. For inspiration and help making a new handler, check out the existing ones!


Apache 2.0. Check out LICENSE.txt

Copyright (c) 2014 Scopely