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Scope Web Handbook

At Scope Web, we highly value transparency and with every new product we launch, we share its metrics, including users and traffic, a year after launch date. Being a team of people that love their work, and enjoy challenges they face every day, we continue to improve ourselves, each other, and our results. To empower the people behind Scope Web, we want everyone to understand what is expected of them, the things we value and the things we believe should be avoided.

This handbook should be the starting point for any new team members. It provides an overview of the business and a point of reference for topics such as expense policy, referral bonuses and remote working policies.

Our mission

Scope Web's mission is to bring people together through technology; hence why our motto is Come together, work together, grow together. We build software, web applications and mobile applications to deliver reliable, yet result driven technologies to our customers. Scope Web is an Agile marketing studio built on relationships, transparency and iterative learning. We merge proven software development techniques with modern marketing strategy and implementation. This is marketing for companies who want to move forward. Rapid iteration over big bang campaigns. We follow a compass, continually checking our direction. We make small adjustments and optimizations and gather user feedback. Our products always improve based on what our audience finds valuable, not what we planned 6 months ago.

Our values

  • People: We value and respect the people we work with, both within the company and without, and want them to feel able to express their opinions safely and without fear. Some say agency, we prefer to say team.

  • Space: We value the space within we work, and want it to be a place in which everyone can pursue and share knowledge whilst feeling respected, comfortable and productive. Being a remote team our space is the internet communication channels.

  • Culture: We value a positive and diverse company culture, and will always strive to adapt our culture in order to make this a more welcoming place to be.

  • Continuous Improvement: We value continuous improvement, and seek to empower ourselves and the people around us with the opportunity to reflect and improve.

Contributing to our handbook

We're a company that moves fast, so we're going to need everyone to help us keep this up to date. If you encounter something that you think should be in this Handbook or spot a typo, please feel free to open a pull request. If you have a question feel free to open an issue. This applies whether you're a Scope Web employee or not ;-)

Table of contents

Introduction to Scope Web


Benefits & Perks

  • Flexible Holiday - We trust you to take as much holiday as you need
  • Flexible Working Hours - We are flexible with what hours you work
  • Flexible Working Days - We are flexible to the amount of days you work in a week
  • Credit Card – We trust you with a credit card for conferences, learning materials and equipment
  • Remote Working – We offer part-time remote working for all our staff with some roles being full-time friendly too
  • Fortnite Friday - We help you get the wins you need, to flex towards any of your friends and family members


Guides & Resources




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