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Read-only mirror for Score-P at Here only complementary plug-ins and tools for the Score-P measurement infrastructure

Popular repositories

  1. Allows tracing of python code using Score-P

    Python 34 10

  2. Generate profiling information based on an OTF2 trace file recorded by Score-P

    C++ 9 2

  3. This is the Score-P power and energy event plugin counter for newer Intel and AMD processors (via RAPL, resp. APM). The plugin supports reading msr registers directly or through the x86_adapt library.

    C++ 7 3

  4. This repository contains the common CMake files for the Score-P plugins.

    CMake 6

  5. This repository contains the Uncore Performance Events Counter Plugin.

    C 6

  6. This is a asynchronous plugin for sampling papi performance counters.

    C 5 2


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